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Thaad. Hey people were back. I'm nancy davis co. And i wanna thank you for tuning in house your stress level. I'm recording this episode on the fourth day of november third three days after the election swollen up about the outcome of the presidential race and hoping not to be dropping an episode during a civil war. I have to assume could happen. In which case may your toilet. Paper supplies be robust. Your reflexes sharp. Your battle hymns at the ready now. Let's gaels humor. But i don't know what we're supposed to be thinking or doing right now and i'm really looking forward to the day that i can go. Twenty four hours in a row without thinking about who the president is. Today's is a bit different than normal but given the circumstances. I figured you wouldn't mind. The deal is that i know an epidemiologist and in twenty twenty. That's quite useful connection to have so. I asked if he would come on the show not to talk about midlife but about cova where we're going what we need to know right now and yes of course. I asked him about his first concert. Burien you guys sent him some questions. I had some of my own and the result is today's interview with dr. George rutherford md. Dr roth avert is the salvatore pablo lucia professor of epidemiology preventive medicine pediatrics and history. And he's head of the division of infectious disease and global epidemiology apartment of epidemiology and biostatistics at university of california san francisco dr efforts expertise in the epidemiology and control of communicable diseases of public health significance with a focus on hiv ebola virus and zika virus infection in low and middle income countries. Dr weatherford service as an advisor to the centers for disease control and prevention and the world health organization. He's been involved in public health response to covid since the earliest days of the pandemic. So i'm telling you we got the right guy on the line. I'm going to be up front with you because this is not a fiction. Podcast you are not going to hear. That is great so climb off now. If you're waiting for a bedtime story that's gonna make you feel better however because i respect you and believe in your ability to remain common plan accordingly. I'm hoping this interview will help you take steps to safeguard yourselves your families and your communities and to finally finally put this stuff behind us so let's hop up on the exam table and have the doctor.

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