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Was in big trouble last year that of course he has this amazing season uh set up by this saw this incredible onetwo punch he's got in his back vehicles mcsorley at quarterback and of course the great wanting back barkley as well uh there were another team some folks have tonic to win the hoping this year i believe they are legitimate candidate to do so what about the lions yeah i really like this team i think they're the crime dealt with some of the big tenure mention quarterback tracing make sure we and running backstay kwan barkley but it's the defense overall last year that really impressed me down the stretch and the first seven games of the year they allowed to under three rushing yards per game two opposing offenses one they have been nine game winning streak over the last seven games they held opposing offense yesterday ninety nine and a half yards rushing that's a big statistic heading up the two thousand seventeen i like we're having a strong seven i think this team ghost hunting chu and get back to the big ten championship game and i do feel that he is a playoff contender and we'll be there i am one of the four teams you in two thousand seventeen john cook is not one in the football this year put jimbo fisher boy the saudi player he wants for the summit was the last couple of years he's gone but they always think of a big time putting back over florida state where is to both pictures team adding it to the season while he's got a big play quarterback and beyond really france wa wanna he yeah experience signalcaller any on paper it looks like they're the team to be in the atlantic for the hd sheba big losses if the wide receiver position with bobo will soon traverse rudolph and defense event demarcus walker that led vacuum with sixteen and a half total sachs will be a lawsuit that eat fence it warn a dominant each aren't you two thousand two chips king said they got better as the year progressed but unfortunately i've florida state pegged at tenant you overall they have a solid wearing dark at jock prior patrick and they also get.

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