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Brad Paisley and others where any great music is so together thank you I can see the panic in New I know you can see we've been through some crazy things before the next in line these you know I've always get to see this is the three god to please I know it's we can't even start to you back from the other side no the song is together we'll get through this to encourage Chapman Brad Paisley llena Elaine a I can't get it all right that's all right off your screen thanks for coming by ensuring that America go pick that song up because together we can get through this is what artists do in Nashville they are the troubadours of our hearts they get to put to music and words and lyrics what we're all feeling and you can pick that song up again anywhere the great songs or so and portions of it going to the opera find and to the GMA fund to support artists and many of them struggling like everybody else right now so thank you Stephen the researcher in shipment you too mature for shareholders we are in the lord how you stand up thank you brother the man's wish my friend all right Steven Curtis Chapman Asian room this is the Ramsey show whatever is going on.

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