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This week's. Illustrated Tennis podcast, we have two guests this week, a bonus guest in mainstream tennis player guest I. Am Query joins us. He is at the Greenbrier in West Virginia where he was laying world team tennis, and then as he will explain, is ready to embark on a full season starting in August, and we talked to him about what it's been like in the tennis bubble what his plans are for the rest of the season and sort of what the impact of this crazy and cratered year has been on a on a player of his status, his age. then. We have Eric Hutchinson. He's been on the show before Eric is a friend of big. Band of tennis and we talk a bit about what it's like to be a solo performer solar artists in the time of Cova probably not dissimilar to being a singles player. Eric has a new album class of one, thousand, nine, hundred, Eighty, eight. So we talk a bit about the process a bit about this sort of enforced break that we are all on. What the overlaps between music and tennis. All right now and some tennis chatter with a big tennis fan. So Sam Corey versed Haircut Simpson's second. Let's start in. West. Virginia. You're. In the bubble. I am. Tennis bubble. Let's let's start the president as a been. IT'S BEEN AWESOME You know for me I hadn't told a match in. Australian Open because my wife had a baby in February also I mean it's been five months. So I was excited to go I think all the players here are are really loving it and it's fine and we're finally back plans some competition and it's been great i. mean the I've never I don't know if you've ever been here. I. Know I haven't most you'll have in, but the resort is awesome So it is a bubble but at the same time you can there's golf fishing a bunch of restaurants you can go. You know skeet shooting eighteen. So you're you don't feel like you're just you're playing tennis and going back to your room. There's so much to do outside tennis, which is really made it fun for everyone because we are here for for three full weeks. And it's great to be back in absolute competition and. Going to court I mean it's going great so far. Some sounds like summer camp widsom competitive tennis thrown in. That's exactly what it feels like especially 'cause you're you're in the mountains that it's got a very, very much camp field. We're we're only doing this audio. I have to say you're your backdrop is tremendous. It looks like I mean you can kind of see like. Beautiful. No it's. It's this part of the I've never been here like I said it's I mean we went ATV and a few days ago, and you go up in the mountains in the views and. I. Spectacular. Doesn't sound like a bad way to spend July. What's been the? What about sort of the training, the nutrition, the hydration everything that comes with competitive playing how have you been able to deal with? With that. I, mean for me personally that's been that's been tough. The last like months to find the motivation for practice knowing or not knowing when we're GONNA. Start. You know you're kind of always like like apprenticed for like, wow not studying for I'll just as the next day and then I do the next day. So you know the last two months I haven't practicing hard but there's there's a practice shape and there's match shape. It's hard to really get back into your match shape until you play match. So. I'm doing the best. I can I've got Christian Cossio who travels with me as like a physio here with me. So we've been in the gym every day and working on my body. So physically actually feel fine because you know the team that I'm on I'm only playing singles every day. So I've literally got a thirty minute sets of five. And that's all the tennis I'm playing. So off days and even some matchdays I'm finding the other guys have updates in in an extra and extra practice and spending time in the gym and trying to make the most of it won't here. What's the level play? Overall? It's been high I. Mean I've played tennis twenty years because of the incentives this year online means finals, winters, It's intense. The teams are into it i. mean every you really feel like everyone's kind of laying it out there and It's made it better. You know I it's fun of the past but these incentives, I, it's it's up the level and there's a few more come on. There's a the teams kind of gathering around over a little bit more. So it's it's been really fun and I hope they continue to do is incentives can. Stays at this level. Yeah. I mean I was GONNA. Say, this is an interesting. You're a world team tennis veteran. This is unlike any other season you've had you just. League can. Use this crazy. This crazy three weeks as a springboard. I hope. So I. Mean Look at Fred Leading Eric Davidson behind it and they love tennis and You know they seem to have the financial backing to help move it forward in a good direction and Like the nave because of what happened, I mean the level and the talent they have this year is like no other year they've had world tanks. See this type of caliber players for a full season. So hopefully I mean I everyone that.

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