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Do. Sometimes you do it as a fan. I'm a fan of music like this. Sometimes i'll i'm not going to say like i never dialing for tickets. I'm going to maximum mary. I'm calling in for tickets right but there. Sometimes you just want to have the entire fan experience and with radiohead you want those the management that news. I do i do absolutely but if you're gonna call them right if if stub hub and everything else fails and i really wanna go. Then i will. But that that's the last resort because with them it's just like i'm a fan. Damn that's what i learned. I learned that. Stephen hill really is a thin. Wants to pay for it. Steve how you doing I learned a lot about steven hill. I learned a lot about radio. I learned a lot about pt What i found interesting was your. It seems like from day one. You got the charge out of breaking new artists or new songs or new music from your college radio days now still even up until now. It sounds like you're doing that still and still gain that same rush from it. So i found that cool and interesting data breath. Amazing okay. i'm saving you for last. Because no you're you're dc's finance boss bill yes. What did you learn today. Br i learned about hitting the post. I didn't know there was a terminal and postmaster general yeah postmaster so going to be hearing a lot about hitting the post in the future. I can't be fedex or no mailroom hitting the post hitting the post while. Thank you steve for yet. Another task for me to master. You got my pleasure. Oh gosh what's have it. You do such a buildup date. If i don't do feel like an idiot i was gonna say i'm learning. I'm learning that you can leave radio and go to greater and better things however. I'm still learning how to do that. Because it's interesting when you said. It was a time when people really appreciated radio people's opinion like mtv and those times have changed. So i am learning that. I'm appreciating love. I i think in that way leaving radio and transitioning to something better. That's what i meant me as the radio. Show not me as a mere thompson. Yeah okay thank you. And i learned you should never lose your passion and your spirit about radio may about music in that way because most radio people we start out that way. But sometimes the business j.j. You a little bit and you know you. Don't listen to music for a while. And that's what i've been doing. So you kind of encouraged me never worked in the music music business and you've been hurt and fired a couple times as you know he likes. We'll take a break. But no i'm gonna keep it going. I learned the importance of front selling. I learned the importance of back. Finally finally i learned that all of my authority figures at At penn pandora or relieve that. I've learned those things I've learned that this too shall pass word and we will have a prosperous. New year's and we will have a prosperous year and a prosperous decade prosperous. Life and life goes on life over was still and with all right but kindergarten. I was going to say okay. Hold on who. Are we going door just we can use. Can you front cell trying hit the post. I want you because that was thought. Okay here we go back. L. al-kass old won't be strong. It'd be like one the same thing right. Yeah you gotta by the time minute twelve second. You ready is play those that it.

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