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That story is the revs, total collapse in Mexico, city after having a three zero lead after the first leg. Herk on Twitter, you called it a choke job. Yeah, massive choke job. So let me explain, so you and I said there's no chance 'cause I'm thinking books. Josie, Gustavo Bo, Sebastian legit, like offensive juggernaut that they are. They're gonna score one go one away go, but then I'm sitting at home and I'm thinking to myself about boomers and what they've done, I'm like, man, they wouldn't not try to score a goal. They gotta get an wiggle, like they know they have to attack. They know they have to go up almost somewhat. They can't sit back because boomers, like they've done this before and I'm thinking to myself and I even tweeted the warning. I tweeted the warning and after the first goal, go back and look at the warning. After the second goal, go back and look at the warning. You need your away goal. They never got their away goal. And pumas did what they did. It was a massive choke job. They don't know what pressure is. And they, they, and I will get into it, is Major League Soccer. Okay, let's get into that in a second. I do want to point out some of the comments because if you're surprised by this, you were not really listening to Bruce arena before the match. He said, we don't need goals. They do. We don't need to score. They do. One goal is all the revs wouldn't need. And that would have been 5 concave of course like the only place in the world where a way goes still matters. So one goal would have meant that pumas needed a 5 to advance. I'm interested in your point about MLS. I want to get to that in a second, but a few more things from Bruce Serena post. He pointed out mistakes and altitude. Both are things that he's not directly involved in, right? Mistakes are of the players altitude is of the is of the environment. It's something beyond the coaches control. When he was asked about his tactics hurt, he was very short, but he was asked basically if he got it right. And he answered in the affirmative. Yes, did Bruce arena get his tactics right here? No, he didn't get it right because he sat back that said, a lot of the blame is also on the players Adam books that could have put this in way himself. He could have put this game away himself. He missed two all by himself, one of those two goes in. It forces puma to score 5. Boomers with one goal in. Now needing 5, the spirit is broken. You've broken the back of the cats. It's that easy. That's simple. But you don't have that in you. You don't have the pressure. You don't know what it's like, it's a tale as old as time, Major League Soccer in Mexico. You fold, you buckle because you don't know what pressure is. Promotion relegation, all these things. Are you saying there's not enough meaningful games in MLS? Are you exactly what I'm saying? What I'm saying because you go out and you lose a game, nothing happens. You can go about thankfully in your own city, have dinner, drink a beer with your buddies, nothing will happen. Do you know what happened and say, well, if you lose this game, do you know what happened to Mexico City? You think they're going to go out at night? You think they're going to go out to the grocery store to have a beer? Do you think they're going to be with their family members in public? No. Thankfully, that is not the case. But the pressure, the pressure and I've seen this with my own eyes, I used to play versatile laguna, and I was in a Zach same tournament against MLS club's teams. We go and we lose the Seattle sounders two one in Seattle. We tie one one in Toronto. They come back to torion, they would eat 5 of peace. Because the moment one goes in, it's a deer in the headlights, look, the spirit is broken. They don't know what is overcome. It's this emotional paralysis that sets in for these players. The moment is bigger than them. And we're talking about players that have played in world cups. We're talking about players that have been there done that. But there's a select for you. These millionaire players are select few. You need a roster to understand what that is. They don't understand what that is. And the moment the first one went in, I knew this game was over. The jet out the door. Those are guys with big time experience, but I guess for the New England revolution against pumas in this quarterfinal, the Concacaf Champions League. Elsewhere in the CCL, we had New York City.

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