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There's only nowhere fast. It's time to make a change at the draft pick with the first pick of the two thousand nineteen NFL draft, or we'll just a few hours from first pitch of the brewers versus dodgers while the dodgers are somehow betting. Favorite is the brewers inter this series having won eleven straight including dominant sweep of the Rockies the walkie starting GIO Gonzalez who hasn't pitched full two weeks, Clayton Kershaw who's foreign one in Miller park with ERA of one, four Frank. Can you see the brewers rolling right through the dodgers to? I'm not sure about ruling through them. I think it could be a long series and it's funny about Clayton Kershaw and the narrative for him really going into last season was Eddie struggled in the postseason. Five postseason starts three. You know, two point nine, three ERA. So he has been very good. And what's interesting about the brewers for them? It's all about their bullpen. They're trying to make the game a five inning game, so they can get to their bullpen, especially Josh Hader who has been complete lights out. But you mentioned GIO Gonzalez since acquired him. The brewers are five and owned the games that he has started. So we'll see the ongoing with the experienced guy tonight, but something tells me over the course of the series, the Milwaukee Brewers bullpen will be the difference. Well, I just wrote down. One theme thought for me on this series is is brewers bullpen. I mean, it's not just hater. It's Jefferson's Canadian story. Ah, I mean, they when they get out there, they just been dominant and that the team has dominant. Some of those gains they had to win. Remember they were chasing. They had the fend off the cardinals and then get passing knock down the cubs, and they did it against proven teens lately, including a World Series. Champ once. Removed. So I think the brewers forget favored. I didn't stand that's about betting and people like Kornheiser don't even acknowledge that the state of Wisconsin exist and they're the ones who are betting, but I'll take the brewers absolutely in the seven game series. And I don't think is going to go more than five, maybe six admitted, though. It's great to see baseball, playoff baseball in the mid west, isn't it? I want to be always by the way couple of things to pay attention to the dodgers batted two ten against the Braves. Won the series in four games, but they hit eight home runs and Christian yelich who is probably gonna win the MVP nine of seventeen lifetime. Definitely Vernon, Clayton Kershaw. All right. The Red Sox reward for eliminating the hundred win. Yankees is a date with the Houston. Astros winners one hundred three games this year, the defending champs, they're going to start there as Justin Burland or in game one, Boston throw its top star, Chris sale who beat the Yankees last week in his five and two lifetime against Houston. However, Michael sale was roughed up in his two appearances last October against the Astros. So are you betting on Chris sale in a big game like this? No, no. And I know he came through. I agree beautifully in the last game. I mean he just he put the Yankees in this pocket, but but Vern Lander at presume. Cole. I mean, I like the top of their rotation better. Here's I like almost as well as their starting rotation. Springer two bregman Yuri Allen Zalis not to mention in some order, six, seven guys like Kare. Korean Riddick Riddick in Korea that look that that lineup and the pitching the combination of stove fashioned starting pitching top of lineup. I'm still going with the Astros and you know, maybe it'll be a tight game..

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