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Building up your email subscriber list letting them opt in to what you are offering so that you have a direct line of communication with them. That's where we sort of see things shifting. And i'll just say everything that chris said it just just know it one hundred percent and just to add onto it you have. You can't rely on everything that google and facebook does. that's what a lot of marketers especially new ones. You get into that habits in really you need to start to market again. Go back ten years go back. Fifteen years in actually made a full circle because there's a saying in the marketing world of the money is in the list going to at chris and that list is that email address list. Because you own that to a certain degree and you can use it through email marketing but also you still have the ability to upload email lists until let's say a facebook into google and target those people at least for for now you can until they make another change but you can't but you still own that email list so there's nothing wrong with email marketing it is still highly effective like anything if dun-rite and if not abused the other thing that's going to go back to from a marketing world not relying on third party cookies and not relying on this data That is controlled by facebook and google. It goes back to search engine optimization. Seo is very alive and you can still bring high quality traffic to your website and you can get high quality conversions through seo now. It's a little bit harder. And it's a much busier landscape than it was. But you can still do it with Consistency and your content. So so there are ways around it. There's that debt still will work In it's kind of funny that you almost have to go revert back to about ten years ago and how marketing was done because it never actually went away just new shiny objects came up on the radar screen but it still works so i just want to add that on to an ways that you can still get your message and market out there Around sort of the the cookie issue that we're talking about for shop and you talked about the mail lists and that's also a topic that comes up often saint denied by a marketing list guy by an email list and i heard that it was possible. It used to happen a lot before two thousand eighteen and it's has kind of almost stopped on the due to a significant effect. Is that the case. Didn't happen like that and does it happen like this now..

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