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Game and it just wasn't enough force again and correct it and they did their part kudos but we've got another game on tuesday and said we do what we did as the second game we play a lot more force jonathan faking houston chronicle as you referred to the force i'm thinking attacking offensively but also defensive we didn't switch up into people we didn't boxall just you know one thing led to another place off actually and i mean you can't do that with these guys these guys are good and we still out of one point you've got to play well we didn't make shots early we turned it over i mean just it was not a very good game to play a lot better on tuesday march schwartz espn steph curry was three for twenty from three the first ten quarters of the series what happened after that well you know a couple of good and it sooner or later is going to rob them and you can analyze all you want but then at the end of the day still still pretty good basketball player i thought we let him get gone a couple of times we didn't switch adding it up into him and then it's a lot easier to shoot when you're up twenty eight team which they were most is very comfortable we didn't make them uncomfortable all all night and and i do know for sure it'll be it'll be better on tuesday our guys know what they gotta do and we've done it and see if we can do it again that is mike dantonio the head coach of the houston rockets game some of the numbers from this one are just utterly staggering golden state wins game three by forty one points cavalier into with you on the dell post game show thanks to espn stats information forty one point victory largest win in warriors postseason history forty one point loss largest loss in rockets postseason history and the forty one point defeat it is the largest loss in nba postseason history by any team that won sixty five or more games during the regular season steve kerr's team he admitted after game to the rockets kicked their butts tonight he flipped the script how did he do it what was it.

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