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But you know, it's on Monday. So see. There are Lou. I don't know how else will be there or anything else. But you know, we'll see should be away. Ding, doodle again, happy birthday friend. My Taurus, clean, hashtag. I'm not coming hashtag. I can't make it hashtag comfy clothing that is oversized and made out of organic Fairtrade cotton. Love you, my nigga. What else? Do you have any news this week? Kyrie very mad at you for teasing the show premiere less week in the being like, no. I shall we shall we discuss Serb Rian of tar. Listen Fisher name now. It's all downhill from gonna die. I'm pretty sure. I honestly, I hope he doesn't die defending, Jamie. I hope she does defending signed. So are you as you know, she promised they move. But. Brienne of Brian stallion, the stallion of tar, however, you wanna refer to her. She is certainly going to die. If she does. I hope that we at least to see brand Y Walker. No oh God. I keep forgetting you on the side of darkness and chaos. You right because I think the le- the Nike swoop disaster on down to Kingsland and everybody else is going through cake pulled up the horses in the back. Skits. This dragon. Rodney is on them to king's landing. And yes, I have seen the game of thrones version of the song and I do of town road. Yes. And I love the internet so much bet. Danny absolutely. It was like so. I'm egging Garin in real life. Like, I just found out. I'm actually if you was. So you mean, you would then be heir to the throne. Technically, you know, I didn't know all this. But I guess I am a target area. And you know, I just got dumped off. So what that means? Is you must. Daddy was like fully capable of being like. Girls. I e mmediately cut off I had to go deal with somebody. Should I can't wait to see that pick? Very much. She was never even never even Alexa Jose air again. Mcnutt few Monica's note about they're not nephew. Wow. Okay. Well, so yeah, I thought the Brian numbet was incredible very touching. Actually, brought a tear them is. But I know she's gonna guard masters with Liana Mormon. I know they're gonna kill my bitch. And it just really breaks, my heart. I hope you're shoot on Dr ethic. But aria suck seen made me. Wildly uncomfortable. Not my girl. Google that's the scene as Sophie Turner was talking about her shots. What I goes. I was so uncomfortable. Wait a minute houses. I already told you to take his own pants off. I didn't realize that kid is is twenty two. Grow woman. I guess like the passage of time especially with how long the the the show has been on. When you look back to the I actually a child. Yes. She was married to see our be like give me the date. And I just keep thinking about like old S medieval west, the roast push in just musty balls and Dingle berries on the dick and everything else. I think about how unwashed everybody was back. Their name Gandhari thought, it was gingery might be. I know says he took them the fucking. So these his pants off as just a warm winds just wafts from them jaaz cheese in through. Smacks you right in the face..

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