President Trump, Mike Pompeo, Saudi Crown discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


Can you just explain what exactly the connections are between these suspects that end and a crown prince having you said that that several of them you've identified as close like a close protection security detail that travels with the crown prince. Yes, that's right. And we've done that in different ways. The most interesting one is mister moot, traveling of who we found in photographs with the crown prince. You know, he's getting on planes with him in Paris and Madrid, and he's in Houston and Boston, and at the United Nations when the crown prince is also there. Interestingly enough, a few years ago, he was listed as a diplomat at the Saudi embassy in London, probably a cover for intelligence operative of some kind of others. We've corroborated in various ways, one through an individual human source of professional in France of knew him as a member of the security detail. Another one from a news reports in Saudi Arabia that described promotion in the Royal guard and a third through a combination of things, including a kind of a database of phone numbers and phone identification. In Saudi Arabia. It's fascinating, David Proctor, I appreciate it. Thank you too. Thanks a lot. Well, now how all this new reporting and all these new developments are being received at the White House. You know, Jim Acosta is there for us tonight. So Jim, the president tweeting and talking about dramatic a lot today, what what's the latest. That's right Anderson and perhaps the most profound thing that happened today in terms of how the the White House was was finding all of this is when the president spoke with the AP earlier this afternoon, and the president was asked about what he thinks in terms of how the Saudis have handled all of this and the president is essentially leaping to the defense of the Saudi kingdom saying, here we go again, in his words, the Associated Press with you're guilty until proven innocent. The president went on to say Anderson during that interview with the a p that he sees the Saudis and sort of the same way he sees report nominee now supreme court Justice, Brad Cavanaugh, who face those allegations of sexual assault. The president essentially saying that the Saudis can relate to Brad Kavanagh. However, you're supposed to make sense of that. I suppose that's up to the viewer, but that's how the president made the comparison. He also said that he spoke with the Saudi of the Saudis earlier today, the Saudi Crown prince and tweeted that this Audis are totally denying all of this. Once again, accepting their denials. The prisoners vote to the crown Princess are rated, do we know much more about about that conversation? And because also searchers, Mike Pompeo was in was in Riyadh today and is heading to encore tomorrow. That's right. The president tweeted that he spoke with the Saudi Crown crown prince Mohammad bin Salman while he was with the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo there in Riyadh in that essentially, what Mohammed bin Salman reiterates Mike Pompeo. He reiterated to the president. The president says, Mohammed bin Salman told him that he had no knowledge of these events that took place at the at the Saudi consulate in Turkey Anderson. What's more is we should point out. Mike Pompeo told reporters according to a readout of of the secretary of state's comments. I think this is interesting. He said during each of today's beatings of Saudi leadership, strongly denied any knowledge of what took place in their consulate Anderson. The secretary of state went on to say, my assessment from these meetings is that there is a serious commitment to determine all the facts and ensure accountability, including accountability for Saudi Arabia's, senior leaders, it it is rather breathtaking that the secretary of state would make that kind of comment Anderson given the fact that the Saudis have. Have been lying about all of this for the past week and a half to two weeks. Keep in mind they were putting out statements Anderson is we've talked about denying any responsibility whatsoever, having any knowledge or any ties to what happened whatsoever that is that is starting to fall apart as a story for.

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