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A sinus headache may also present with your ears, feeling plugged or kind of full or like they might need to pop like you're going way up or down a mountain or on an airplane, or you may have some swelling or puffiness in your face. Those are four of the major types of headache, but I want to in this episode by also covering a rare type of headache. Just in case any of you out, there are experiencing this. The HIP nick. Headache is a rare form that occurs in folks who are generally between forty and years old. It occurs exclusively at night and last usually between fifteen minutes to an hour. They also tend to happen at the same time each night and tend to be on your entire head, not just one side like migraines typically are, and they are not associated with runny noses or tearing up or any of the other types of features that generally accompany cluster headaches. They do have specific treatments for that type of headache. Especially those that don't respond to usual headache medications, so if these have been plaguing you, please reach out to a doctor and ask if perhaps you may be. With hip nick headaches. I hope that you all have learned a lot about headaches with me today I know I sure learned a lot, and after some caffeine this morning and some food I feel a little bit better. The headache still lingering, but it has doled quite a bit so that headache troubleshooting has worked out pretty well I'd say I'm down to a mild headache instead of a moderate to severe. What if you're also experiencing a headache today? I encourage you to drink some water. Perhaps lay down if you are able to, and put a cool calm press on the part that aches remember ten minutes. Minutes on ten minutes off and also have a cloth barrier in place to prevent tissue damage. If you have any particular headache, remedies that specifically work for you that we did not cover today, please do share them with US Anthony.

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