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Learn more or chat, live online visit NFS com slash radio 10 38 back to Steve in the Traffic center and back to Virginia and the Fairfax area crash activity being reported North bound 29. Between gallows Road and the Express, Lane said the capital Beltway. You're under police direction, renouncing much of a back up in the north bound direction, leading to the incident. We are seeing delays on the animal Loubet, the capital belt, Wayne, beginning of Route seven year down to a single right Ling. Getting it by the works on that set up traffic very slow between Route seven. And I 66 otherwise good right on 3, 95 and 95. No issues along the G W Parkway in the district Quiet on the freeway and D. C to 95. No issues to report on. I 2 95 still dealing with the closure. Outbound Canal Road, a chain bridge road traffic diverted onto chain bridge. Repaving going on. So the roadway block between Shame Bridge and the Clara Barton Park wait over in Maryland, a bit slow on the inner loop of the Beltway. A Montgomery County delays approaching New Hampshire Avenue works on set up there to to the left getting you're buying. Otherwise pretty good. Right on 95 in the B W Parkway between the two beltways and pretty quiet on to 70 and route 50 just a big B bridge westbound span. We have closed for overnight roadwork. Two way traffic patterns set up over the eastbound spam considering a BMW check out the brand new BMW of Rockville sales and service complex. And 14 50 Rockville Pike. You won't be disappointed or visit that made BMW rockville dot com. Steve Dresner. W T o P. TRAFFIC Here. Storm Team four Samara Theodore Overnight lows headed into the forties for your weekend note that both days are more driving wet. That's for certain. Partly sunny so a lot of clouds around There's a small chance we see a few showers on Saturday,.

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