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Led him to kinda he. Was he after graduation. He was working as a high to share. He was only at the university for fifteen years or so getting his degree right but that's right but but his cheering at the football game was noticed by the owner of a of the hockey team from santa clara. California golden seals of the nhl and the golden seal said. Hey why don't you. We'll give you fifty bucks if you come over and get. Some cheers started at at our. Nhl games is there such a thing as a golden seal. Yeah yeah maybe on a letter but like an animal. There's no there's no cold seal beautiful golden seal. It's the thing is the golden seal appears to you. If you are meant to be king of santa clara like any team could name. There could be named after an animal that exists. But we're the elite gold holes until it rises up out of the sea right before the green flash as the sun goes down grammy. Three wishes if you think about it's the it's golden state. It's the golden state goal. I guess that's true. Minor forty nine. It was around the same time that it was an oakland based team around the same time that the golden state warriors were so named so relocate as the cleveland barons. And then shut down and seventy eight very soon while. That's what happens. Our sonic stories still trump's at as and satis sports relocation story but so he you know he's cheering for a team and of course what happens. You're playing an opposing team. And then they see the effect of your cheering and they go. Hey we want that. But in the case of crazy george what seemed to have happened in his own career was that these teams wanted specifically crazy. George henderson they didn't say hey. Let's go back and find our own crazy guy and give our own crazy guy a drum. They said he's hired. This was a bidding war for. Because how could you hire somebody else to play a drum and a wacky way. Well and that's the thing. The san jose earthquakes invited him over to play to to bang his drum for their soccer is operatives and they gave him thirty five dollars a game so the fifty dollars. A game thing hadn't happened yet. He was only getting thirty five bucks game but it seemed fun and it's a big race for him because there's probably you know ten to fifteen games year. He giving can be making five hundred dollars. I'm we're talking about nineteen seventy four nineteen seventy dollars. That's right. it's a lot but what happened. Was he was so good at cheerleading. That he became a contentious issue because teams complained that if he got the crowd cheering they couldn't hear their own their own players home team actually complaining visitors visitors because good. Yeah he would. He was at a time. I think before before the idea of like that much crowd noise actually affecting the play. This was kind of the introduction of seattle. We're used to our homefield. He's literally registering on seismological surveys. Right much less causing false start penalties. Well as he as he moved up into higher and higher into the kind of sports world. And i don't mean to suggest that the nhl is any more than the north american soccer league. but i. i wouldn't suggest that either of those are subservient to the nfl but eventually crazy. George did become an nfl cheerleader. And and no less a group of wimps than the pittsburgh steelers. and we're talking about pittsburgh steelers at the peak of their pittsburgh's dealership hood steel curtain time. They complained that he was making too much noise. And then it wasn't.

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