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Speaking she speaking truth to power so i was like oh does grow the start i thought it'd be say like caught he'd be for president cardi's the star for all this fall it is and everyone's oh you trolling you troll and you troll and so when she got eleven hip up i was super championing net and then up we will planner song and a radio cheap asked we've ever negotiate on the nutro luigi scotti be sheet you trolling what this shit and now look at a now dino they're mean that's a truly only in america absolutely it's an incredible fucking story donald trump is a truly on the only in america soil like everybody talks about barack obama and they're like yo that that's the best case optimism no it's not donald trump is the best case why optimism that i got i got look a bureaucracy is kim color and like yeah y you you may tell your kids yogurt anybody can be president like no barack got hell education like brock went to harvard and nobel peace prize is in leg without wealth balkany and he's a great or they like it's a lot that goes into barrage obama right donald trump is the best case the optimism never hell no political office can barely mother fucking talk you know what i'm saying not qualified push it and he's the president united states of america he's a better case for optimism than barack obama the become barack obama you actually got to put some working that makes could fucking sense day what do you do when let's say a friend like i i to be honest with you i didn't even see i didn't watch it because i was like i don't wanna see through with something with dg envi.

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