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Thinking about. Building a building. I guess we added a form. It was an option. I don't know what you call it. We decided I decided not to do it. There would have been nothing wrong. If I did do going lawyer says that Cohen continues to cooperate with special counsel Robert Muller's investigation. Democrats are jumping all over this. The next chairman of the house intelligence committee, Adam Schiff, this just underscores how important it is for us to finish the investigation to determine what financial links the Russians have to the president and the Trump organization to determine whether they continue to hold leverage one time campaign chairman for President Trump, Paul Manafort could get a pardon. The president says that he has not taken a pardon off the table for Manafort who faces sentencing in coming weeks amid accusations that he violated a plea agreement with the Muller investigation. A disgrace judge is set to be sentenced for sexual torture. Jared Calkins pleaded guilty do several counts he was charged with hiring prostitutes, and then subjecting them. Violent encounters. He was a judge in Monroe county to who spent twenty years behind bars for murder our free today in Detroit, justly Johnson, and Kendrick Scott. They went to prison for the killing of woman in Detroit in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine testimony from witnesses was the main evidence efforts to prove their innocence was taken up by the Michigan innocence clinic, some witnesses were not questioned according to them and a key witness who said that they did it recanted. His testimony. The prosecutor has dismissed the case ways to protect students at Warren FitzGerald, high school after a big school fight and the murder of a girl in classroom was the subject of a community meeting last night school officials emphasized they've added more safety training for staff, and they have new grant money from the state police to beef up their security the school and police officials tell parents be aware of your teens social media activities. A man has been killed in an early morning house fire on park place in Clinton township. Several people have been taken to a hospital after a fire at a home on Riyadh in Harper. Woods show your face get on a plane. That's the plan from delta soon. International passengers at Detroit metro will be able to get their picture taken and proceed directly to the gate. WJR's Ken Rogulski is talking with passengers Delta Airlines in cooperation with the US customs and border patrol will unveil a biometric terminal for international passengers which will allow them to go from curb right to the gate. Your picture will be taken and facial recognition. Will I d the passenger what does the traveling public at metro thank? And I think it would be very accurate, and I look forward to that practice not worried about it and not worry about it at all. Okay with it. Like, I say as long as it will screen out the bad guys and not have them on our planes. I'm I'm okay with that. Delta will start the first biometric terminal for international travelers at Hartsfield Atlanta next week and Detroit next year at metro. An airport. Ken Rogulski, WJR news. Somebody who news time eleven thirty four. It. In concerts timeless celebrating the fifteenth anniversary. The most incredible classic mix of songs. Peter Twenty-eight, get tickets this Friday at ten AM at livenation dot com. Brand new album. Thomas is available everywhere. Now. For more information. Visit vivo dot com. Now, here's John valley. Checking traffic.

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