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Think he's gonna make the mistake you're paying this closer or this guy to come and the game he's got one job he doesn't do his job then you deal with that later but you got to leave it in the guy's hands who you pay to make big to to make that feel with your get in the position of kicked the kickable through yeah now cj beth or takes over does them a whole lot of fantasy appeal for me i mean i think that's pretty obvious but we'll see it's a wait and see i mean hell maybe blows up we'll see if he can get on the same page george killed i started him as a tight end eight targets he just had drops used killing me and my catch the rock man this hit eight them in their hands all breakins mcgee out there but really this forty china's offense right now we don't know if it's gonna be hyder brita now the one of those guys are who's in a bunch of confidence so you know we didn't think that the forty nine has had a bunch of viable fantasy offense options anyway and that's definitely come to fruition bears in the ravens cope this came ended up being crazy bears give up a kickoff return apart return three cohen threw a touchdown pass they only let mitch trubisky throw the ball negative threetimes i was just crazy and jordan howard ran the ball 35 frikkie die down there throat hundred and sixty seven rush arts three six carries is insane unheard of in the nfl today and if you told me that the rookie tariq cohen was going to throw touched on before ricky mitchell this i would have the proper to take i'm not sure if the run that again but a cool little scat back later rump yeah absolutely dan infra triscuit least you've got that first win an at least a bears have managed to keep things from that that bears defense is is better than people give him credit for they got a lot of talent on defense and if trubisky can keep him in games not turn the ball over an industry klay that run the ball and and play defense such clearly john fox's strategy and keep a close in the fourth quarter maybe win games and.

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