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We're not gonna check. Right. So it's always, you know, it's it's alcohol saturated since they've removed all the. Traditional standards, and then they've decided to become prudes about the results of of a lot of this stuff. It's crazy. Now there is an interesting case that just happened at NYU AVI tall Ronel is professor of German literature and complex. She's a deconstructionist's feminist performance artist. So she goes into the class, g has costumes, and she tells us students, this will not be classes performance and on. And you know, some of them were love it, and a lot of them are probably bored or horrified or whatever, but it doesn't matter anyway. He's a very, very colorful celebrity scholar within this little niche world of performance scholarship and she's and she's apparently gay will now a gay guy. Nimrod Reitman young. He's about he well, I don't know what he is now, but he was baby in his twenties when this happened because it was a few years ago. He's now accused her of a sexual assault, sexual harassment, and he's. He's gay. She's a lesbian and and she's a leading figure, you know, in sort of. Postmodern deconstruction is so fifty leading feminists. Scholars gathered around her, you know, and wrote a letter excusing her, and the letter looked like kind of excuse people would give for Ray Moore, you know, like, oh, it was a different time. We really don't know what was happening and then it turns out she had an affair. So she's a great interpreter of the philosopher. Dairy think da now that she had an affair with his son when the son was sixteen those very bad lesbian I have, she's not even who knows is it? So anyway, it's what it tells me is that sex, you know, it's complicated and who knows what went on with between these two people? Was it appropriate? Not really. We have the, she wrote a lot of texts and things, but I can understand the people that love her that are on her side. You know, I, I've, I've seen this with young men, their families, you know, they see it differently because they're looking at. It from his point of view, and she's now has her. She has got her side and the grad student has his side and the whole kademi is now an all in a dinner over this. But to me may the only way we could find out would be in a court of law if the and he is suing. So maybe interesting. We will see if she really wrote these things or said these things, but it it proved to the whole academy the the need for do process. What bothers me about is I wish these fifty scholars had noticed that this was happening not just to their friend of tall row Nell professor, but but it's been happing to young men in their campuses happened to a lot of male professors where you're just run out of town and assumed guilty because accused, I mean more or kipness basically got shellacked at northwestern for simply suggesting there'd be some sort of form of due process for a male professor who is accused of basically some more activity and she was investigated. This professor was investigated for an article that she wrote in the chronicle of higher education. So. So it's out of control. But you know, what do we do about it? I'm just hoping. I mean, that's the question, man. I'm not. I'm not sure I was gonna ask you what's the importance of the metoo movement? Because obviously there's no out of focus on hashtag metoo and people telling their stories. And again, it seems like there's a lot of conflict in here where people say hashtag me to about. I was once cat called on the subway versus me metoo as I was raped by a male relative or something, and it's supposed to be in the same category. And then anybody who suggests differently is ripped up and down. And I remember which actor suggested recently that there were that there are gradations to severity of Matt, Damon, Matt, Damon. Damon said that he was being interviewed on ABC news and he said he was. He just seemed very nice and he said he cared about the movement and like lot of good men. Liberal and conservative. There is horrified by the Harvey Weinstein stories is anyone. And he was like, he says, I care about that. I want the movement to succeed. However, there are degrees of guilt and you know. Some proportion in terms of punishment that's appropriate..

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