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Finished A final vote on infrastructure is expected to happen once that's over The White House says President Biden is ready to sign the infrastructure Bill once it's passed A North Dakota senator is speaking after recently visiting the southern border Republican Kevin Cramer had a nighttime ride along tour with a border patrol agent our border patrol agents are very frustrated They're frustrated with the Biden administration's policies They're frustrated that they did away with the remain in Mexico policy Republicans have hammered the Biden administration over its approach to immigration since it took office Job creation came roaring back in October as the U.S. economy added 531,000 new jobs along with half a million new jobs The unemployment rate fell to 4.6% last month down from 4.8% in September The Labor Department reports job growth was widespread with gains in leisure and hospitality professional and business services manufacturing in transportation and warehousing A Chinese intelligence agent is now facing U.S. federal prison after his historic arrest and trial Jack crumbly has more Was a senior officer with China's ministry of state security He was accused of trying to steal trade secrets from top aviation companies including GE and in 2018 federal agents were able to get him to travel to Belgium where he thought he'd be meeting with a GE engineer but he was arrested and he became the first Chinese intelligence agent ever to be extradited to America The U.S. attorney of the southern district of Ohio on Friday tweeting yeon Jian Shu has been convicted by a federal jury in Cincinnati There's another delay for the SpaceX crew three launch officials in Florida say weather conditions have forced another postponement You are listening to the latest from NBC news radio Joan.

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