Anthony Scaramucci, Sean Spicer, White House discussed on Mornings On the Mall with Brian Wilson


Only thing we would like to discuss so they're they are discussing anthony scaramucci by the way here's a fun cork evolved this sean spicer outlasted anthony scaramucci sean spicer still works at the white house he he he served as like he's like two weeks notice a his two weeks notice outlasted scaramucci is tenure somebody said if you bought milk on the day that anthony scaramucci was hired it would still be fresh ekeus anyway so he's he's gone after ten days and we're asking you whether or not you think this is by design because in the process anthony scaramucci accomplish something that that hasn't changed in the white house this dramatically if under anybody else which is three people michael short sean spicer in rice priebus all exiting the white house in the course of just ten days all because of anthony scaramucci she's hiring and now he's gone and he's gone at the right time with the washington post reports that the president has been trying since may to get john kelly the the marine general the nail the former dhs secretary to come over and be his chief of staff and he's time he's turned down those advances he's final agreed and as he comes in one of his first acts is to say okay anthony scaramucci thank you for your service but you're done with the white house and you got to wonder did this happen on purpose the does happen specifically to lay the groundwork for a new chief of staff john kelly to come in and lead everything eight eight eight six three zero nine six two five yeah the old hatchets the old hatchetman theory that he was brought in that's what they do in businesses they bring someone in to do the dirty work he's the enforcer and it we joked around when they first brought scare mucci in the enforcer we joked readies that go is gonna be trump's enforcer or he was troubling in force or that's what exactly with this looks like he brought him in he's a loose cannon he challenges these people they get fired and then oh he gets fired his gun and president trump got exactly what he wants to hatchetman usually knows exactly what his role is he knows is only.

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