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But it's tea tree oil and something else. But teach you all's supposed to be really good for acne. Yeah. It prevents acne breakouts. And it has amazing reviews online. And so I've been trying for a little Italy. True. And no, no, no. It's it's a moisturizer is makes us something else. It's. Treat you tea tree oil and something else like I cannot remember because I didn't write it down for those. But it's carbon theory. It comes in a little white bottle. And I've been using it at night to moisturizer, and I've actually loved how feels I've and I have been looks. Really good. Really? Yeah. Thanks. We are queens today while we're thriving. We must be on the same cycle. Did you know that your skin is the best two days after your period? Really? When that's the only reason it's good. I'm like wow Mayfield. Really? I'm literally two days after I periods Zony anyways. We're talking toner ladies. Woo. I usually use I put up I wrote about this one one of my blog posts about my favorite, like vegan and cruelty free. Skin-care products is the Mario Badescu. Maybe I didn't read weather's them. But the Mara of address Q rosewater Sproul. Oh, face face Bray. I used to use us all. Time like especially when I'm traveling because Phil so fresh on your face. But there's this obligation told me about it's called think thirty. And it tells you how dirty your makeup products are see scan it or look it up. And it'll rate it from a one to ten ten being the nastiest in one being clean and dirty meaning has like chemicals or things in it. That are not good for your skin yet. And Maria would s you facial- facial spray was high which is you would not expect his it's like rosewater, aloe. Yeah. But it was high up there. So I actually before I knew that I got Nick that for Christmas because he always use his mind, but I tried to new one we gave him the dirty ones. I didn't know dirty point. Because when he sprays he sprays like fifteen times, and then my sprays gone in two days. So I got him his own, but I got a different one. And it is heritage store. That's the brand it's called rosewater vinegar, and it literally just has rosewater apple cider. And I think something else but apple cider vinegar. Yeah. Yeah. Destroyed about of. Yeah. You can drink. It sparkling cider for your face now as side of your nigger rosewater in something else. But it's pretty plain. And it got a really good score on the dirty Mahayni. Here's the thing. Nick hate that cider vinegar smell when we were dating. I would just put apple cider vinegar on my face as toner. Let me tell you it works. So well as toner it brings out it brightens your face and just evens out the tones on your face. So well, so if you're not afraid of the smell just put apple cider vinegar on there and with mixed with water, but this one has row rosewater. So it smells a little better you sprayed on your face. And I'm obsessed with it. I think it's the best one I've ever tried because it's so simple. And it has the apple cider vinegar, which I love, but it also has the rosewater which I also love. So it's the best worlds. I get on Amazon. I don't think it's very expensive at all. And it just makes your faithful so fresh I usually put on after I. Cleanse and right before I might dry or at prior put on facial oil or whatever. And it really does kind of. I don't wanna say it stings your face when you put like apple cider vinegar or anything like that. When you tone it evens out your face and all the colors in your face. So well, it's crazy. I didn't. And it's like I'm saying when I'm when I said, my skin has improved so much. I was saying like the tone, and like the texture of my skin it. Yeah. So weird of never experienced where the texture literally changes in it. Yeah. So soft of never I dunno. I not used to that. Yeah. Like balances out your whole face. Yeah. It really is crazy. So that's my number two. Sweet my number two number two. I'm like, sure. Tug at night. It's getting care. I'm going twice in a row. Got you. 'cause this loans fast..

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