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So, that's why you have it on a lot of cases and literally every case where the defendant is in custody. Can the bond ever be erased completely or is it? Like a guarantee that you would have a bond. No I mean that's what they call. Or Own. That's when you are released without posting property or property would just based on your promised to follow the rules and come back and that's comment on you know. Misdemeanors will level fences in in some jurisdictions they call it. Ro are released on your own recognizance, and it just cool it Kaushik kind of rolls off your tongue. You know I'm are. That's more technically correct because it's you. You never say owner you know. If I want around just going Oh your own recognizance. People will be like. What are you talking about I? You need the released. Right, I I, actually wish we would go to that, but. Let's be trendsetters. Can do it. Nobody will follow anything I say or do. That'd be like Jake Grigg doesn't now. We're never doing now doesn't sound right. It doesn't. If you're found innocent. Can you get all that money back? How long are you GonNa? Have to work here, so they don't say things like found innocent. Or not proven guilty correct. You would get your bond money back well, not if you paid A. a he bond, though if you pay money, the bondsman is gone. No matter what happens, even if you're found not guilty, all you get. Is You get to get out while before your trial happens? Your money is still going back to the best case scenario with a bondsman is. He doesn't take the other ninety percent so I guess yeah with that clarification. What kind of things are taken into consideration when setting the type of Bonn? Whether it be shirty? Bond were a normal bond. Or what we call a cash bond, which is where he just pay the whole thing to the clerk It's rare that you get a judge that sort of explains themselves about why they sat. One bond were another, but I have heard it done once or twice, and the good explanation I got wants from a judge was. That you set a cash bond if you think they're gonNA, come back and so you just want to give him the extra push to come back, but you said shirty bond. If you if you're not sure and you want to make sure that a bondsman will go out looking for him if he doesn't show up. Does that make sense? So. That's 'cause if you pay cash bond of a clerk, and then you don't show up yet. You lose your money, but nobody goes looking for you. The judge will issue warrant for your arrest, but the cops aren't going to go out looking for you, but. On a shirt bond, the BONDSMAN IS GONNA lose that ninety percent if he doesn't find you, and so they are heavily financially motivated to chase you down, and because of that gives the. Courts more security when they set those kinds of bounds. That's the only good explanation. I think I've ever heard about it, but. We're also not encouraged to question the judge's ruling from the bench. Either typically we take what we get in..

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