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I'm Tony Drake, certified financial planner with Drake and associates. You can always visit us at wealth. Wisconsin dot com. We have some great upcoming classes will be in the toast area at the end of the month and P walkie and march Those are all evening classes were only accepting tables for wonder. Tables were too to keep everybody spread out and safe. So we do need you to register ahead of time and wealth. Wisconsin dot com Got Wendy Peppercorn Brad Allen. Hello. February. February. It's cruising along here, 2021. I know. January went by so quick. Actually, we were just talking about you know, New Year's resolutions and those kind of things and all summer in February already feel like we got all the snow for the year and in the month of January hope so be good. Yeah, explode unless you like, skiing or snowmobile. I mean, a lot of great winter activities, But, yeah. Done shoveling. Yeah, Brett says, and dad said electric snow blower home number. It was it was. It was tough with that thick snow came. We get so many drifts in our driveway that it's so high that I can't even see the snow blower when I'm going through. I was thinking you with all this snow, hoping that electric at them. You're gonna have to get a machine, you know, affects the carbon and all I need like an extra pack of batteries behind. That's that's right. But great great topic today, Guys. We're talking about the three phases of your financial life, discussing a fundamental differences and changes that you know you really want to consider is you move along their path and into retirement and Brad the first one and Really important one because it really dictates how we get there is what we call the accumulation phase. Yeah, I mean, the accumulation phase is so important. That's when you're growing the accounts right? You could be a little bit more grass. If you have time on your side of the market goes down. You're not as worried about it. So Phase one, and is that accumulation begins when you start to save money for your eventual retirement.

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