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Phoenix warms one hundred and three degrees under sunny skies. It'll stay sunny and dry through the end of the week before rain chances in the nineties return next week and ABC fifteen dollars. John, Patrick and at five thirty two at seventy four degrees in timpee. Crime in general in Arizona is down by nearly one and a half percent. According to the latest FBI statistics. But violent crime is up one area that drove the overall violent crime rate up as it did last year is in the area of assaults. Maricopa county. Attorney Bill Montgomery says there's been a steady increase in aggravated assault specifically with gun violence, a says Maricopa county's creating programs to better address. The problem by getting the entire law enforcement community involved police to county prosecutors the man behind the Texas company distributing instructions for three d printable handguns has stepped aside. He was the public face and voice of a controversial company. This judge's order was only an authorization that we could sell it faced with charges that he sexually assaulted a sixteen year old girl petty Wilson tended his resignation on Friday. Says the new head of defense distributed Paloma hind dwarf. I'm not trying to replace him as a character. That's not my she says the company's mission remains the same to see that anyone who wants to use the three D printer to create a handgun has access to the blueprints. Jim Ryan ABC news, Dallas the deaf and hard of hearing are going to have an easier time of it at sky harbor. It's partnering with the commission for the deaf in heart of hearing to help them communicate better with airport staff at translator for the Commission's. Emmett Hassen explains the video relay services, which use tablets, we have a video screen when you see the interpreter we have our first language, which is which that we could use straight, and that's very comfortable and very fast sky harbor. We'll have VR a trained staff to help deaf travelers all of the tablet should be installed. By the end of next year. The head of the TSA will testify on Capitol Hill today about an investigation alleging years of unchecked misconduct by senior leaders, the new house GOP report alleges the TSA. Say has been plagued by misconduct by senior officials claims the sexual harassment and retaliation against Reichenbach whistle blowers TSA administrator David because he telling ABC news agency, which spent seven point five billion of taxpayer dollars a year has settled some cases quote in the interest of moving the organization forward ABC's, Kenneth moten. Some good news for the Phoenix via the department of veterans affairs annual report gives it good marks. Dr Maureen McCarthy with Phoenix VA hospital says there are improvements in several areas. All of those metrics are showing significant improvement in patient care in mental health care in suicide prevention in two thousand fourteen Phoenix's VA became the epicenter for a scandal involving wait times for patients KTAR.

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