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News from your neighborhood. Albert Parnell joins us and how you doing? I'm doing pretty well. This is coming out of the woodland Daily Democrats of the Woodland Joint Unified School District. It's targeting May not may sorry Monday, February 1st for select students to return to in person instruction that's in woodland and they're shooting from May know. February start everywhere. I'm sorry, Monday, February, 1st is what they're shooting for along those lines. Thanks for that. Albert Yuba City. Listen to this. One Christian Yuba City City Unified School District governing Board of trustees voted to resume in person instruction. And three days later. After that vote, the California Teachers Association sent a ceased and desist letter demanding the district rescind the plan. They say the governor's framework is prohibiting on the opening of schools. Here's what's going on in California. The unions are objecting there the obstacle they are definitely the obstacle. It's time to call this thing out for what it is the union's air saying note opening our schools and the unions. You have to understand are different than individual teachers. There are many individual teachers who are like, Let me back in that classroom. Give me the shot. I can't wait to go. Back with my kids are dying to get back. But the unions they're gonna They're gonna use this. You get What they want. That's what's going on. All right. I've got some inauguration trivia. I wanna bring in overtime. It's really quickly about 30 seconds. It is with a few. Okay, so shortest Address Inauguration address. No idea, Lincoln Would've guessed able to brake gas. George Washington How long 135 words. Wow. That's it. Okay. The second longest longest. Yeah, the longest one can guess. FDR, Bill Clinton. William Harrison spoke for two hours o on a cold, wet day in 18 41 400 words, speech and then 30. Days later died of pneumonia died. Makes sense. No sense. That's what he gets. I'm joking. No, no. Yeah. Two hours he spoke outside on what day? And a cold, wet day in D. C is unlike a cold, wet day, California Okay, so well, doom or trivia on the inauguration throughout the morning as we head into the operation in the United States, it's coming up on 6 15 have ever gone for a job looking for a job applying for a job. And then you told a fib. Maybe, you know, maybe just kind of, you know, little was bounded on your experience. A lot of people do it. Some new research out that shows it's not only the interview We That's telling little White lies back In three show,.

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