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You know, we're not selling product here. Yeah. Yeah. You focusing on people what they're doing. Yeah. I, I'd agree with that. I think that's been a big realization as well. Sometimes you just go to focus on, again, going back to that idea of product, which in your case is people. When you go as a standing there in the shower and daydreaming thinking about twenty years from now. What does this look clock? Can't tell you. That's a great question questions. That's always think about are we should tell me, why. You can't tell me just it's not that I don't know. Yeah. My fuck it. No, it's just I think. We wanna be we wanna be able to innovate faster than our competitors can imitate. And you know, people will say what we do. And we'll see what other people do and that's how it works. You know, we, we've taken a lot of different things from a lot of different places, and we've created our in formula like every other business has. But these are Al what is it seven twelve secret herbs and spices much? I think it's, it's twelve hoods. Well, this is a sacred souls. Yeah, that's, that's the secret sauce for us in the secret sauce will always be the what's coca Cola's dream in the next twenty years. Yeah. Cape selling cook? Yeah, it is it is, as my answer. Always having to look in my fine before. And I realize you guys probably to get gone three fifteen. So there's a lot of other things I wanted to ask you, but I think next time you down, we'll have to save it for that. What are we go? Any good ones? One or two more. I've got lots but it we'd be getting into. Only two nine now. Do on more black hole. Well, the problem is. Feel the problem is the be able to tell me because it's about talent. Okay. No. Yeah. So we'll keep we'll keep it at what I do. And I'll see you guys to finish off, ease some short fast questions of us. Ye plenty before, but this time I wanna make it it'd be more relevant to this told me. So if you guys have to give the audience a book on the ID of, managing people agency land all media, but with the book bay for Christmas. Mark Levin show has to be. Yeah. But also think. The other thing, this is something that won't be read. And then implemented to be the best. You've just got to naturally NAR, how to do it. You've got to be able to observe papal, and I had a trade them in react to the situations. Yeah. You gotta take many different things in all's Martius. Yep. Yep. Be consi reading and thinking about the spice as to what is going on in the business. You've cried it so far in verve. What do you guys individually mush proud of? Thing, the Jesus never fucking good question. I think for me, it'd be. We I really did like jump in the defend it's always something would be willing to do. I you know, I love taking risks and familiar, it was just it was a ni- Brian. But I think for a lot of other people that would have been a little doubt that, but for me, I'm just so you glad you took that opportunity. Yes. At the time, I think autograph think with the idea that we're all lot. Yes. It's the best time in your life to take these journeys. Exactly. Yeah. But also think. I'm lucky enough to have loving parents, that even if I was forty nine sewing happened on Arkansas, run back to them and say. You're sleeping Yasser two days. What is chasing? He's I understand that the, the lucky situation that I'm in to if I didn't take recent AVI street. Yeah. What about you Jewish? Ice on proud that I've met Sam because without without Sam, I wouldn't be able to do this. So. And I'm proud of I just I everything that we've created the time that we've had to spend with each other. And, and the fact that, you know, we've been able to just wake up every morning and not necessarily on the business side. But we have the luxury of being able to wake up every single morning and we like what we do. And that's something that a lot of people don't get to have. And, you know, I see with a lot of people the, the struggling to find that thing and and, and defend. Yeah, yes, it's almost I can imagine as well. Because it's, it's one thing to have your first sale low deal and then to have the second one and then to nor dot you can support yourself doing this thing that you love doing. It's quite you know it's not often you get those moments to sit back and think about it. I think. I never really do. Yeah. Because he's so focused on who Shing forward in growing. Is there a particular movie or Docker that you think, in the spice of, of media, people talent whatever you wanna colon that you always refer back to over enjoyed the most? Yeah, I one of them on this one. Oh, thank you. But it's the, the Dr dre. The thing about Dr dre, which is obviously, I promise example of what is it cold the define once the defiance? Yeah. Yeah. That's definitely one of them. It's had occurred a billion dollar empire out of town. Yeah. Yeah. I think you feel like you said, this to me, maybe not lost interviewed that, that was quite an important taco few. I mean, a lot of these things that we're reading in saying that they're almost things that we inherently know because we just keep having those moments where it's lot, all that's what we would doing. It's just it's nice to hear that it works. Yes. It's totally true. You don't to see someone else doing this thing and knowing that what you're doing is in the right direction. It's the reassurance yet factor because you don't have that when you're an entrepreneur like insists again, you constantly focus on growing. Any loss requests for the audience, way, waking guys and gals find you on social media and what you're up to deliver that work. Yeah. Yet, on Instagram. Yeah. I spoke at the two. The two social at the moment yet. You'll say everything on the end. Is there anything big coming up other than you just to finish the comedy fest? Something by the time missus out or be two weeks from now. What else is coming up to his? Everyone's go to is we're going to America and shoot some stuff. Interesting is, there's a lot going on. But we just moved into a new office. So religiously, we got the lace the day, we left here. So we haven't even been in yet. The case. Yeah, we've had it like, well, actually we, you know, we've had it painted and everything like that. So it's all fresh. So ready to go? So when we land we leave Monday morning, when we land would literally getting in the car and drive his job to IKEA to, to get the phone incher and, and that's you know, the next chapter, for us then, and so it's, it's all it's all spayed ahead. So we'll look I appreciate you guys coming in on his short. You busy with the comedy fest down having us. Thanks a lot. And it's I think it's just from myself. It's it's fascinating to see what you guys doing. I think indirectly like I'm a little bit proud just to know that there are people here it is dry from the online spice that can do something because I don't think many people have done. Something in this space putt. From the ovaries things like talent. So is being interesting watching things from afar. So bought on to the yeah,.

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