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It's very often what disappoints me as a you know reading the so-called experts who cover the us men's national team the journalists and just reading how Prescriptive they are. I always load the arrogance of the english. Press when i would go to wolf cops. English press you know sitting around acting as though they rooted you everything about football. They should be managing the teams themselves and there are a lot of us journalists. Who in that dangerous place right now of acting. Just fanning to report on what they're saying insulting to prescribe As though they themselves would be able to do this job. Much up and I think it's an criticizing the players. Also which i never enjoyed great question on the krisztian issue. I want to say this is a guy that needs to yet again for the twenty seven. Tell him prove himself for. Chelsea is coming off cove it. He probably just desperately wants to get back in one piece to chelsea and foolish and he's playing concha calf where opponents are allowed to do with the world watching the referee laughing and i was blown away by him tonight when he got kicked the crap out of the reality is he could have just taken himself off immediately but the fact that he kept trying to play. I mean this is a guy who who fails the pressure of two thousand seventeen. He knows what it's like for the team to miss world shout and i loved the in that moment iranian tried to play on. He was clearly in a bad shape and huge huge off to chris. christie attempt to be questioned. I tweeted after the game. That this is a great way in a mood changing win but should mask the serious self reflection. It needs to occur for this program and gentleman twitter whiskey. Retailing it One can only hope but the rhetoric on twitter the munza movement of self reflection for fans who pile a hopes dreams ever emotional baggage onto twenty year olds who will inevitably stumble and struggle from time to time. I think it's so wise. I was really blown away. But that's the reality. Say you know the stuff. It's not about the play as is all about the football. The joel came on. Our show are say this very quickly. Johanna became a chef. Said this a couple of times and we want some west. Mtv clips of a west ham fan mouthing off about some terrible thing a player done and when we cut back to jolt job. This look to this engage. I don't play who hadn't given the found that shoe itself gauge should. They should have given me sure that. I'm john this goes. I don't think cher was really the issue about found and there is a law vote project there is a logo projection. I understand that twittering carriages. You know we all do stupid. We will say stupid things. We'll have terrible takes. Us football psychologist amongst shave. Tell us right to us. Why is it the which remedial former of the us team what we what are we projecting. What are we really yearning for on the on the level i would love to know you know a psychologist all that we know Say we'll have we'll have left the whole rest and wait for wise ahead. You are amazing. To you'll in nashville. Thank you for hosting in such fine style who you get a will cup hosting juicy. Our loves not sissy. We wait to be back to quick questions before we go. Dave drew come on a may where you from. What your question Thanks guys drew. From austin texas More money off scenery later my question in the first half. We clearly like gaping chasm between our frontline. And what should have been tolerated. The six will just gloss over that horrible decision. But who do you think can play in that linking role If mckinney's has to be held out for a bit as a result of his actions this window. I'm i've missed Eunice right roach. I've missed him playing for the us. He's applying who blew me away. When i first saw praying for the united states and i think that he's a guy who in the middle part can do a a phenomenal job. I do think that the distances between the lines in the first half tonight was awed. An either that is placed as not listening to their coach. Or it's a coach trying to get them to recognize something very different than going on honduras just again and again and again through The lines of the us and just ran at them and caused enormous problems And these are looked. Hondurans are skillful. Football is but they're not elite class or not blessed with incredible speed and and superb technikons great strength and they just ran circles around the us the spaces between the us midfield attack in the us midfield and defence So i think you know getting that sort of between the lines right not just with the ball but when they're without the ball is a huge huge policy for the us. Unfold yunus mussa. I've gotta say what a what a ridiculous is. What your half term. I know we had a a drop off law season after making his debut nor connected to making his baby still young still rule but when he gets up full turns out full speed almost instantly which is something. That doesn't look difficult on television. But it's insanely difficult unisys. Oh gifted at the drive in into the of an opponent's defense in a way that very few or and i would love love. Love this love to watch gentleman in the us jersey loss question on the night. Because you've all been so bloody gorgeous as we approached the wee hours often claw come on. You've been super patient can be tell us way you all what she questioned. A gentleman Evan i'm here in chicago illinois. Not we're we're waiting to be quads where whereas chicago gaber. What neighborhood less. Lincoln park may can mentally picture gave. I can smell up pizza. Watson out your neighborhood. Tell me tell me what she question two things. I thought watching that game. Thank god we got the got the win but to me. It felt like a game that we won in spite of Greg it seemed like we set up in the first half Basically to show off team that desperately needed west mckinnon. So did you guys to get that takeaway. How do you feel about that. In to how long until brennan aaronson is playing lights.

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