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Are two efforts going on right now. One is to allow juniors and seniors to participate in extra curricular activities like sports. Another is to get all age groups back in the classroom full time by August, the community once these kids back Their own survey just showed you the numbers, and that was only for hybrid. The science does not support the kids doing hybrid. And it doesn't support the benefits of doing descent learning so it doesn't support the kids not being in school. Today, Families of juniors and seniors will be out in front of several Clark County school district schools, taking pictures and videos of themselves to send to the school board of trustees and superintendent Doctor A souse Jara. Additional criminal charges have been filed against two men arrested in Las Vegas and accused of violent acts of the U. S. Capitol. New counts of civil disorder, Assault and violence on Capitol grounds were among the 11 charges filed against Ronald Sandlin and nine counts against newfangled a grave stemming from the January 6th breach, saying Lynn into grave are in custody here in Nevada. Donald Trump is not happy with his lawyer's performance, and Republican senators are also bashing them. The ex president watched the debate from his Florida club and was furious with his team, though Bruce Castor defended himself. So we have a good day. GOP senators, though, are ripping is meandering, showing couldn't figure out where he was going. I thought I knew where is going and I really didn't know where he was going. Don't think it was very persuasive. Was disorganized Random. Louisiana's Bill Cassidy called it a terrible job and was the sole Republican who voted against pursuing the trial last week to flip this time. 56 senators, and all voted to move ahead. 67 are needed for a conviction. Soccer agony Washington Super Bowl wagers in Nevada totaled more than $136 million in sports books reached almost 12.6 million with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers upset victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. 9.2% in winnings for sports books was the fourth highest over the last 10 years. The Chiefs went into Sunday's game is a three point favorite, but the Buccaneers won 31 29. Vegas go tonight's beat The Anaheim Ducks 54 T Mobile Arena after twice watching a three goal lead slip away was also the debut of the retro red Sweaters hustle waking up in the morning. Listen, Listen, The gold is it's It's your pops, That's for sure. That's nice head coach Pete to bore Gold Knights may be facing covert issues again After the game, the team sent out an email saying there would be no practice and no media availability today due to covert protocols.

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