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I've been I've been I've been really wanting to hear what you had to say about Karima and all of that. And I've just been in meeting the heaven heard I thought it was inexcusable. I thought the fact that first of all you don't do that period. Secondly, you know, you had to be restrained by your boys. We usually talk about the company that you keep in. He know how you can find yourself as situations. There are at least four males that were trying to restrain him from doing it. He had to be restrained from doing this stuff. He's moisture in the face. He shoved one of his boys into her, and she knocked against the wall. And then went to the. Floor. And then after that, and you thought the situation was going to be somewhat diffused. He came back and kicked. So all of those things count against him immensely, then you take into account. The fact that he lied in the face of the GM VH of Andy Reid, according to who I spoke to quotas. The people spoke to he lied to his face. He lied to Adam at her Andy Reed's face, and he lied to be enemies, positional coaches face. He told them all nothing happened. I never put my hands on anybody. And they didn't have the video once they sort of video it was a foregone conclusion. So I'll look at it from that perspective. And I'm saying there's simply no excuse I I mean, I'm I'm tired of guys being you know, folks trying to find a way to explain this support. I find his situation completely different Booker from. That of Reuben foster Reuben foster is being alleged to have committed domestic violence against a woman who went before the courts and admitted that she had lied on him before because she was upset that they have broken up and the co. Also found that she had lied about a previous boyfriend both for Reuben foster over the same situation. So to me the jury is still out with him. We just don't know. But in the case of Kareem hunt there is video there, and you could have helped yourself and more just as important help the Kansas City Chiefs by lease being forthcoming with them who had all the incentive in the world to try and help you and your willingness to lie to them to me is ultimately the most incriminating element and all of this. So with that being said as it pertains the Reuben foster. A-? And I do like what you said. Do you think that the Redskins were right wrong or come awaiting see when they claim Ruben fall? I think they take a wait and see approach because obviously you don't like it. It's not a good look. But at the same time, it's not as is. It's not as crazy as people are trying to treat the Redskins as it being because he's on the commission as list he's not allowed to play. He's not allowed to practice or anything like that. They just hold his rights in the event that a conclusion is reached that he can play. So in light of that. I don't mind it what I did mind was the fact that are franchise owned by Daniel Snyder with Bruce Allin presiding as the president would send the resonant African American in Doug Williams out there to speak supposedly on behalf of Reuben foster with Doug Williams, clearly not, you know, not not the most talkative person in the world, and you know, along with other things this is not the ideal. Person to speak on the matter. But he goes out there, and it doesn't even speak about Reuben foster glosses over the whole situation is if we're talking about the entire issue of domestic violence, and he labeled it as not that big of a deal because there are people in high places to quote him directly that have been guilty of far worse. So he came across this minimizing it which to debate. Here's the thing..

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