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Mr. Trump, CBS, Steven Portnoy discussed on Mike Slater


Well, by the end of the day, this partial government shutdown we'll have outlasted all previous federal funding lapses for now. President Trump has taken a national emergency declaration off the table. CBS news White House. Correspondent Steven Portnoy explains why the shutdown his shorter continue with lawmakers back in their districts until early next week having spent several days publicly threatening to declare a national emergency to get the border wall built President Trump now says that would let congress off the hook. I don't wanna give an easy way out of something as simple as this. Mr. Trump repeated he might still issued the declaration. But he also acknowledged that lawsuits would immediately follow they'll always bring it to the knights circuit. And then you never know what's gonna come out of the night circuit. Steven Portnoy, CBS news, the White House. Police in Las Vegas have reopened a rape investigation. That involves one of soccer's. Biggest names CBS news. Steve Futterman reports soccer superstar Cristiano Renaldo is being asked by officials in Nevada to supply a DNA sample. The sole stems from an allegation by thirty four year old woman, Catherine orga who claims Rinaldo Reiter in two thousand nine Rinaldo attorney confirms the DNA requests, but denies the rape allegation. The case was initially closed when they would not give investigators the name of her alleged assailant may orga says she was paid three hundred seventy five thousand dollars not to talk about the assault. Steve Futterman, CBS news. NCIS? Investigators are on the scene at naval base, San Diego. After a body was found we're told the remains were pulled out of the water on the west side of the base. Our news desk receive phone calls. People on base were accounted for and sirens. Went off in the body was I found around eight thirty at this point the circumstances surrounding the death are still unclear two men were arrested after tensions ran high on board. An aero Mexico flight left sitting on the tarmac for hours. Yesterday's flight was headed to San Francisco from Guadalajara when it was diverted to Oakland because of fog the the airline kept passengers on board for four hours. Little kids.

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Mr. Trump, CBS, Steven Portnoy discussed on Mike Slater

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