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Thing, But I would think I would guess I would bet money that at some point something gets passed. Outline a mandate. There's me is going well. We'll see. This stuff is going to be hashed for a while, but but to your point I had it seems like to make Dougie is a slam dunk. I don't know. It seems like it is well. We will find out. Check it in with traffic now, Rob what's going on? Got to send your kid to school in a clown mask. He's wearing a mask. It's funnier than a real mask. Absolutely. There you go. Hey, we kept 22 birds with one stone. Their amusement. Inject a little brevity into the day. Yes, exactly. From the UC Health Traffic Center. The pelvic Health Center at UC Health is the region's only health center staffed by fellowship trained euro gynecologist from both gynecology and urology. There's an accident on north beyond 71 before the Norwood lateral. The right lanes blocked your heavy back to Smith. Edwards. There's broken down on North found 70 one's ramp to westbound to 75 an accident eastbound on the Ronald Reagan approaching 71 blocking the right lane there. Traffic slows to before the blue Ash and Kim would road exit. They're slow Traffic on North 75 getting onto westbound 74. Thanks to the construction on the ramp, then you're slow between Shepherd Lane in 2 75 Sharon Ville whilst outbound 75 is pretty heavy through Laughlin, Brent Spence DeLay seven minutes in either direction of the bridge. I'm Rob Williams News radio 700 wlw. The forecast from a 700 wlw Weather Center for tonight. Clear Skies the lower 55 4 tomorrow. Nice stuff. Mostly sunny and 74..

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