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In a civil rights museum via weaver moralise the brave men and women who struggle to sacrifice and sacrificed so much so that others might live in freedom absent from the event some lawmakers and civil rights leaders a lot of these folks that were planning to be here at this event today decided not to show up in out of protesters simply out of not being comfortable being here to honor the opening of the museum with president trump whom many in the african american community feel do not stand does not stand for the same principles that those in the civil rights movement did and that's something that we heard this week from civil rights icon congressman john lewis of georgia when he said that president's trump invitation to be here at today's event was an insult to everything that those civil rights leaders stood fourth facts as garrett hannie at the museum where dozens of protesters gathered for latest polls in alabama said a us senate race between republican roy more and democrat doug jones is too close to call famous democrats are descending on the deep south hoping to help the democratic candidate who is hoping to flip the senate seat that jeff sessions held for twenty years candidate doug jones is going to have a pair of potential 2020 players by his side later on today senator cory booker we'll be with him for an event at a student centre on alabama state university's campus in montgomery and former massachusetts governor devolved patrick it's going to be with them about three hours from right now in selma fox's peter tuesay last night president trump urged voters to cast ballots for more who denies allegations of sexual misconduct congratulations from the us to iraq with a prime minister says the battle against isis is now over fox news this fair and balanced.

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