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Revisit this every may. And obviously Juneja along. We always wanted the NFL now where we always used to laugh when people say, well, what are you going to talk about in the offseason yet, for real, because this season, never ends, what's the first phrase of our first campaign with the NFL network. In our first off season which we referred to in the NFL the non-playing season because there's no such thing as the off season. I mean look at this week, right? This week Patrick Peterson suspended six games. The jets fire their general manager. I mean, this is when Schefter any in Rappaport, and the rest of the news and information, men and women are supposed to be requesting themselves with their spouses. And what's happening with the Atlanta Falcons today? Yeah. Field Yates saying that falcons assistant Jim Scott peo-. You know, he's at the cheese and the longtime decided to step down from the team came aware. Fully respects the decision discussions have been ongoing for some time. Gosh was, you know that the falcons are one of the many teams trying to take fruit of the patriots vine. I mean that's where bin for Lyle. Thomas Dmitrov was on staff when now who's on Thomas his staff. So we figured let's call it. My good buddy, NFL network analysts compadres former Jaguar raider current radio analyst for your defending NFC champion. Los Angeles, Rams, MAURICE Jones, drew. How are you? I'm Jay Dee I'm doing well. While rich. How are you? I'm doing fine. I know it took a couple of cracks for you to answer your phone. Are you? One of those types of don't answer. Call numbers that you don't have in your phone or your those types. MGD JD told me it was a three one numbers looking for three one out. And I wanted to make sure that I wasn't on the phone when you call. So the answer is, yes, the answer is yes, you do not answer phone calls that they're not show up on your phone as somebody that you have in your phone. Is that a is that true for pretty much percent? Correct. It's tough to get through those, those pearly gates, the MAURICE Jones drew phonebook really is something else, man. You know I like it. Everything good with you. Everything, you know, I heard you talking about here before and Adam Schefter, Derek? I'm all well this you ten of my all season. So I get a little time off, which is nice. Hang out with the kids and do some other ventures that I have going on back home and tell everyone how I caught you yesterday. We're where where you're adding. When I picked yesterday. I'm the president of a usable organization. So we had a board meeting yesterday when we were talking, I was on my way, there, it was fun. It hasn't really good things trying to trying to keep it up eleven. All right. I'm Jay Dee. Let's get to the meat and potatoes here. You're kind of my Levy on bell whispered, not only are you guys who knows them, you share an agent. You're also running back of note yourself, what's going through his mind today, when there's all these reports conjecture tweets rumor that's been confirmed. Sources say all that business that his new coach didn't want to have the salary handed to him that the general manager that he obviously wanted a power struggle with handed Levy on. How's he taking that news? Do you think? I think he went to Twitter Instagram yesterday to talk about it. And from what I can gather he was, you know, saying him he has more to prove than and he's not really worried about what people think about how much he's getting paid. He wants to go out and show that he's still the best running back into the league. And you know, there's been a lot of group of him, not being voluntary workouts, and those type of things that we've seen other players get hurt if those workouts, and, you know, you have to preserve your body because what's most important is what you get to fall camp being in the best shape of your life going to mini camp, which is mandatory and doing the things they're show that you, you're at top shape. They're making it through the season, the seasons mayor about it. A lot of people don't really understand that because, you know, basketball, you may have a seven game series and those things we all know one football it's one game you got to be able to be at your best for sixteen of those possibly three more at the end. And so he's taking the proper precautions to do that. And so when I asked him about what Adam. Gheysens and talked to her agent about it. I mean it's just it's kind of, like water drop ducks back to him. You know, he was like, if I go out tonight, producer, and I do what I did in Pittsburgh and helped win games for the New York Jets Evan it all go away. But right now, there's not a lot of news going around, and, you know, obviously with two fiber mccaghren and all the reports coming out he was like it is what it is. I'm gonna keep on what I feel like I can do what I can produce. It'd be ready to go out and play. So you don't think Adam geisha needs to call him. And basically say what, what he really felt or and confirm what's in the paper or or saying, nothing like literally like just like let's move on. And, and, and that, that one strikes me is there needs to be some form of a conversation in Levy odds direction. Don't you think there will be when he comes back, you know, I it's funny rates when I heard that report and I was reading I. Heard actually the total opposite coming out of this last season that have Adam gates and his dad. That's my officemate still bidding Miami that they were going to break the Bank lady. I'm Bill to come down to Miami and keep them man. That was from people in the building from people reporters that are that, you know, their daily reporters with the dolphin, there was a ton of people saying that they're ready to break. Your picture, only made sense, whatever case went to the jets that off on Bill goes there. And so, you know, there's always everyone has the highest is wherever you want to call it, but I think sometimes we're trying to coaches, we always, they always try to protect themselves covered cover their butts and say, well, you know, we I didn't want to give them that much. Well, you know from what I heard that he was willing to give him more in Miami if he was still in Miami. So I don't know how these reports get out or how they're leaked or whatever it may be, you know as long as the jets win. That's the most important thing they put together a great foundation of free agent pieces. Are they did have? A really good draft. And so now it's all on the coach to get all this talent that they've acquired over the last year. In the last couple of drafts of Sam darnold and other players to go out there and win. And so, I think that's what's most important if you don't call them. It's a little bit different than the roses situation because these are just reports that are coming out. You don't have to call me over reports every trade me, I would like to, you know, to get a phone call which I heard Kingsbury dated now. See Steve time didn't. But, you know, that, that's a different scenario. Well, let's put a pin in that for second because I want to hit that with you, since you brought it up in a second. I just like I put myself in other people's shoes. That's, that's what I always try to do. And then try to put the listener and viewer in those shoes from my perspective MAURICE, if let's just say, I'm fighting for what I think, is a good salary for my hosting abilities. Let's just say with the NFL network. Right. And, and. The guy who finally gives me what I think, is worth, or what I'm worth, or close to what I think I am worth gives me that deal. And then all of a sudden, the other person who is as part of a parcel of the production side of things at the NFL network, wins, a power struggle within the building and is now the one in charge and the one who gave me the money is now gone. And I find out that the one who's now in charge didn't wanna pay me what I thought I was worth, I would be so pissed now I'd be I do the best job. I possibly can because I'm a professional, but that would be in the back of my mind, every single time that person sat down and over a run down with me or my schedule, I wouldn't never ever, forget it. Period. I'm Bill is not going to I think he's, you know, he's gonna cut up Chuck that away along with a couple of other things that have been said about him throughout this year off of football, and he's gonna use that as motivation training. I, I don't know of our listeners follow him on Instagram and Twitter, but they should because every time I look up he's all you're working out. He's always putting his best foot forward. And he looks really good. He looks like he's, you know, back his playing weight. And so I think I think you'll see when he's tearing the ball, it's so funny. I told me this all the time running backs or devalued until you need them in the fourth quarter to win a game. You wanna give us a ball, fifteen times like lawyers, right? It's like lawyer. Yes. The warriors NFL. So it's so funny and like, oh he's not worth it. But then when the game to the line, you gotta to run out the clock and you need a guy back there that can do it. You're going to do it. And so I think maybe I don't understand that. But please forgive. My he is human. He does stand like those things that are being said he's gonna heart-to-heart associate that use those when, when the time was necessary and Kurt Warner tweeting out yesterday as well, saying that some coaches think that the players aren't worth the money, but they love coaching them, and that they separate the business from the football accurate in that maybe what Adam gates is doing. I, I don't know. We'll do see how it all plays out. But all I know is the first time that Levy on bell is required to show up for work and does stand in front of a microphone that will. And that's going to be his welcome to the New York media market. Oh my gosh. I mean, seriously, this is you're not in western Pennsylvania, or east Lansing Michigan anymore. I'm serious. You know, this is this is serious business here. Now. The funny thing about it is, and I think a lot of people don't understand is that lady on, like, part of going to Jesse at other offers that were pretty strong late night thing, but it wasn't been Tyson for city of New York, and being able to play in front of you know, in the one to not the biggest media market in the world..

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