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Sorry for how we encourage you to get the news so dive in To some weird news or no no. No we're diving into stuff. It's good stuff that's good but now this week's edition of stuff. That's good so my stuff. That's good this week is good disco broad things well. I could recommend a very specific disco exact disk but I would recommend Novas Star destroyer okay. That's my favorite disc. Sounds violent. Also the champion T-bird by Nova beginner disk? And I recommend my parents actually got me a disc golf basket for Christmas or my birthday or something and so I like having that out in the yard and I just go putt anyway. So this is this is kind of people are returning to outside And they're starting to experience the sunshine and everything and discover great because it is socially distant. You're out there are kind of in the middle of this core spire self. It's pretty much free. It's out of all the sports. It's like one that cost basically nothing. You get a disc for ten bucks at Big Five and you're good. You can play the whole course with certain discs like the champion T-bird bird I mentioned or the shark. The INOVA SHARK IS GREAT DISK. And it's such a great community because a lot of sports you have to go in and you have to be.

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