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Near Acapulco. One person was killed. Sherry Preston ABC NEWS com Oh news 1000 FM 97 7. It's 7 31 right now. Wednesday morning after some rain in some neighborhoods overnight. We're ready for sunshine this afternoon. And it's still relatively warm morning. It's 67 degrees of Boeing Field along with Greg Herschel time manufacturer here. The top stories from the Coma 24 7 News Center. The new school year is less than a week. Hold in some places and already more than 80. People are being asked to quarantine can connected to a middle school in Kirkland, where students tested positive for covid parents of kids who come Mike in middle school. Tell me this week has felt like whiplash. From sending their students back to the classroom only for many of them to be sent back home again. It was surprising felon. Gallagher's son, Keagan is now quarantining at home just a couple days after starting school is 1/6 grader. Like many parents, I talked to Gallagher's supportive of the safety protocols but thinks that social distancing wasn't enforced enough disappointment in, UM, seating arrangements like Washington School District says it's still not sure how many people at the middle school are at risk. That's because staff is still creating seating charts on the buses. Como Sabia Coney reporting. The new mask mandate in Pierce and King counties means people attending high school football games will be required to mask up if 500 or more people are present. One player at Puyallup High School, Patrick Cote says it's a small price to pay to keep people safe. I feel it's necessary because you know I respect science and feel it's Just respectable that others kind of need the mask so we don't all get sick and get to go to school. Because school is important to me and the players will not be required to wear mask There could be school bus delays today in the Edmunds school district is the district welcomes back first through 12th graders. Other local districts have had their delays this year as well because of a nationwide shortage of school bus drivers. Another Washington fire chief is warning that the governor's vaccine mandate may decimate his department's We get more from CNN's Brian Calver chief Jeremy Evans heads up the West Valley Fire department in Yakima with this mandate. For example, here in West Valley, we would probably be short about 50% of our personnel. Why so many because his department is mostly volunteer. If a person has not been vaccine and which is their choice, I don't think losing your volunteer part time firefighting job is enough incentive to go out and vaccinated the governor's mandate. Non vaccinated firefighters can still go and fight flames. They just can't respond to medical emergencies. Chief, Evans says. Unfortunately, medical calls make up more than 75% of what they do so response. Time's will grow when time matters most, he says during the pandemic so far, not one of his crew members have caught the virus from a patient they were treating. Brian Calvert. Common you this week's exploration of federal pandemic unemployment benefits has local business owners hoping that may help solve their staffing shortage problems more from Como Suzanne fun Right now, The Washington hospitality industry is still short about 54,000 workers. For months, businesses have struggled to bring staffing back up to full capacity. However. Things are changing. The pineapple hospitality company runs the Max Hotel in Seattle's Queenan neighborhood, and we definitely seen a significant uptick in the last 30 days in applicants for open positions. I think a lot of people have already gotten the ball rolling. Realizing that this deadline was looming, Michael her slur runs that company and about 200,000. People in this state were still relying on those emergency benefits. Come on news time. 7 34. Kamal traffic every 10 minutes on the force from the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center. Here's Kira. We've had a long term crash in South Seattle north and I five a little bit north of Boeing Access Road That's been blocking the H O V.

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