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The road eighty five seventy six but then came back with a seventy nine seventy two win over number seven Maryland the Buckeyes are number twenty three in the poll this week you can tweet me I'm AT tie at Matt McCoy radio a lot of you have already done that and I will get to some of those questions also what what you know that during the week my email is always open Matt McCoy WTVN dot com if you have a email question you can do that a couple you did that this week and of course phone lines are open to six one four eight two one nine eight eight six six one four eight two one WTVN from email speaking of that this is from Dave overall I feel like this was a good week the only disappointment was the first few minutes of the Iowa game which may be physically angry I did like the way they battled back after that in retrospect maybe Iowa deserves credit for being really good how do you guys look at that game was it just I will at home blitzing Ohio state early awards Ohio state flat because as I was watching it the Buckeyes look not ready to play however I did like their response after the first five minutes also credited them for making their free throws versus Maryland I was one of those so that was all on them earlier this year for missing so money so many go box and again that's from Dave what is your take on the Iowa game in the start of the Iowa game specifically Tony wells disappointing Ohio state came out and got boat raced I mean it was it was bad for the first you know five six seven minutes of that game eight three yeah we were ready to play image were ready to play I will is a very talented offense of team may be the the best offense of team in the big ten the Michigan Iowa right up there right now and you gotta be ready I mean does the defense the brand of defense in Ohio stated played you know the week before that was the brand of defense they need to come out against Iowa date really had to play a great defensive game to win in that game and they came out and then claim come close to it it just looks like they're back on their heels not ready to play that game from the start and that was disappointing because that was a big that was a game that could have really set the tone for a tremendous week for Ohio state but no luck yet it is the good came they bounce back from it they came back to me against Maryland and were able to put together a good defensive effort it's just you know it the inconsistency of the level of dial in this team was not dialed in and I I don't give a lot of credit to you know you're down fifteen and but you know you only lose by nine you know at that point for Iowa it's cut your kinda the pressure's off you you feel a lot better you're not looking to you know to really make it a fifty point game yeah that point you're able to kind of do a little bit more and do a little bit less in in be more conservative I think Ohio state just playing with aisle after they got blown out the first five minutes is nothing really to write home about yeah you don't want to be trading baskets if you got it you know you if he had to get into the game you got to put together a run and I was more than content Tony to trade baskets at that point all they are and you give Iowa eighty five point three that's just not a that's not a good game I mean it's not me that is a bad defensive game overall yeah the first five minutes you're down you know eighteen to three but they really dicey really didn't dig in after that I mean they gave up eighty five points you go down eighteen three and you give the team sixty five or seventy point boy after that you really dug in your defense collected in any really held them down you go down eighteen three to get maybe five I mean you're fifteen from a hundred yeah yeah that that means you played lousy defense all night it's just your offense picked it up and you're able to come down to score some points I was not a great defensive team so the fact is scored seventy six points against Iowa is nothing to shoot the fireworks off about giving eighty five points I what that means you weren't you weren't ready to play defensively all night from berry kind of dove tailing off of that question Caleb did a very good game against Maryland the what was Tony's impression of his Iowa game when he faced a legit front line and we should point out Luka Garza is going to be the big ten player of the year twenty four pretty badly outplayed the Caleb in that game twenty four points and cable we have ten what was your take about his performance against Iowa well you're right Luka Garza I mean it's tough no I gotta give him credit Tony Pulis said to me before the year who's gonna be the big ten player of the year he'd been like number fifty on my list yeah I I mean just he's a good he was a good player but he won this here right really exploded this year give that kid credit man right from the three point line down lower me down low he's a he's a tough guard because he can take you inside or out yeah in going both left and right on the ball on the block I mean he is the kid can do a lot of sub off the glass nice little touch you know aggressive you know big and strong he he played well thank and Caleb I thought you know I think Caleb shrunk a little bit from the challenge of that I mean I it's hard I mean I was kind of a in your mind you're coming in there you're Caleb Weston you think of yourself as being one of the best big man in the big ten and you're going against what a lot of people are saying is the best big man in the big ten and you want to go out you wanna do play well and I don't think I don't think it happened I think Caleb started early to get down on himself a little bit and I don't think you ever dug his way out of that I think he he just kind of got caught up in the fact that it was eighteen three score and they weren't playing well as kind a little bit like okay were resigned to not playing well tonight so we won't play well and that'll be that time to think about Maryland I agree with you and that's what makes mark Turgeon's as you said earlier his bully comment so comical because you know there there's a lot of really good big men in this league that at this conference they've got a lot of I'm sure you enjoy it I mean that that your your kind of guys but there's a lot of really good big men in this league and the bully moniker on Caleb Weston is not what I would think of you know there's a lot of other guys that are more physical than what Caleb is which is why that was such a bizarre comment to me yesterday Caleb is more greyhound any is bull and he's a guy who's got quickness on a lateral basis he scores more with finesse that he does with bowling and physicality so again it goes back to church and just kinda being out of his mind after he looks at me maybe you know you win nine in a row you don't want it you don't realize what it's like to lose anymore and you gotta you gotta work those losing muscles out of the post game press conference for the first time in a month that's exactly right all right more your questions and comments coming up a half hour left of basketball box lined Manacor with former Buckeye basketball captain twenty white with you on news radio six ten WTVN traffic and weather for Columbus six ten WTVN zero six ten WTVN Ellison lion a fire that destroyed a one hundred year old Perry County Ohio church last week was intentionally set the fire marshal's office says the damage to the Good Shepherd United Methodist Church was so bad they don't know where the blaze began no one was.

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