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Amy Cockney Barrel Is going to be justice Amy Cockney Barret. We're going to fill that seat on the Supreme Court pen. Speaking at a campaign rally in Michigan earlier today, the full Senate will take a vote on Monday to Page County State's attorney Robert Berlin, says his office has been investigating nine mail in ballots that came to the clerk's office signed by dead people. Three The ballots were signed by people who were dead before ballots were even issued. He tells Chicago's afternoon news. They've investigated voter fraud in previous years. Typically, it's people who have Voted more than once, maybe voted into Page County and devoted somewhere else. This is the first time since I've been state's attorney that we received this type of alleged voter fraud. In six of the cases, he says they couldn't find enough evidence to warrant criminal charges. W G N SPORTS Here's Kevin Powell. Thank you Can the Bears are five and one would still many around the league not sold on them. They once again enter air matchup. As the underdogs, You know, I know your heart denies. We're finding ways the win. If you look at two, you know our team to the games. We won and won games that I'm playing. But when I did like we had, like a 99 point something chance of losing that game at one point in the fourth quarter. That's Nick Foles that Hell is Hall today bears getting ready for the Rams on Monday nights, NFC East matchup on Thursday night Football. The One win. Eagles hosting the one win Giants and the Cubs and white socks with 12 Total Gold Glove finalists You Moncada, Louise Robert among five White Sox players who are up for the award. Wilson Contreras, Anthony Rizzo, Nico Horner. Javi Bias, Jason Heyward. And Alec Mills and Kyle Hendricks to pictures each named Gold Glove finalists. White Sox slugger Jose Bre U named American League Outstanding player by his peers in the 2020 Players Choice Awards in the world. Siri's is off for a day game threes tomorrow night Dodgers and raise even at a game apiece. Kevin Powell, w G in.

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