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John casalan like generale ans like i was going to mention her yeah like like it's just hasn't been asked of me and honestly i don't think it's asked of that many women these days like and i think it's there's real dearth of those kinds of roles for women and and that has to do with the kind of representation the representation of what kind of woman is on screen and so i found outlets to do that on stage a and when i first read the script us like a good i can transform myself into a whoever emily is like off all meet that personal study her like you'd like her and that i'm that emily harris like she's just like me with light we're so much like she showed up wearing a shirt that i four over geared oh not only own but almost war that seems evening of the great lakes are mannerisms are similar i think our speech patterns miller with our minds i think we're going to slur way of like this is not going to be what i thought it was going to be sort credit the cast in drug so there you go home but i so instead i was like how can it as a challenge for myself and honestly this is going to sound really crazy but i thought like i think this is an opportunity for me to be as relaxed as possible on screen like a thing i'm just knock when a worry at all about an trying to make new in laugh at beep healing lake i'm going to treat this as if it is a cassidy's movie and i'm just going to try to be um bring my most relaxed creative self to set every day so i didn't do an enormous amount of preparation am i didn't hurt listeners they think um during preparation is like a can be like doing your homework lake makes you feel good but it doesn't actually do anything on the that that's it and would just come release ruzic open and ready in um yeah it was a it was a good experiment but i also felt like my voice was really included in the development process after i was cast i was gonna ask you out a few can turn off your reuter brain when you get castano fill more of.

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