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Two three four five six seven eight nine meetings you know we built some trust we did some confidence building and ultimately you we had just been negotiating a prisoner exchange to get an american alan gross at a prison in cuba and they want some cubans out of prison but i you know i said to them let's push us as far as we can let's go as big as we can and that's what led to you know us being the vatican and making these agreements there to be established diplomatic relations and two they released fifty three political prisoners in addition to the exchange and to open up travel and commerce between the united states and cuba and it really was like the most satisfying moment i had in government because we were doing something that just felt holy affirmative positive like writing in historical wrong and offering a better future for cubans in cuba and and for our relationship now also comes with a lot of good stories because as i i kept negotiating with the cubans even after the opening to have obama's trip down there and i met rao castro couple times had this bizarre experience of fidel castro's funeral where was only american onstage except for like danny glover and harry belafonte and like all the latin american left is there but the last trip i took to cuba was a few days before the end of the ministration and i had this long dinner with wral castro and drinking rum and talking about history and towards the end i started kind of urging him well don't give up on this trump may maybe make a deal trump and he could tell i was kind of really upset that maybe trump would put the brakes on this and he says to me look you know and for those viewers or listeners who don't know your row was the minister of defense during the cuban missile crisis under his brother fidel and he says to me look ben once there was a general most secchia which is former soviet province he's like there was a general from a set you who had the authority to launch nuclear missiles from cuba without telling me even though i was the cuban minister of defense so i've dealt with hard or things in i literally wrote down that quote and was going to read it back to you because i love you.

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