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The next offense of coordinator of the new york giants is not gonna call plays i mean shurmur is going to be calling the play so i wonder the importance of this higher but shula certainly as a lot of experience he's been with carolina for a bunch of years memory coached alabama nautica right ago so mikey shula the new offensive coordinator kim jones had at first kim all those all over kim's all over fantastic here so i mean it's tough because you know that shurmur is run running this offense he said during his press conference is going to call these plays so it's more we talk about the giant offers a we criticise playcalling we're not going to criticise mike shula we're going to criticize that goes because i know where it's coming from right exactly but shula making the latter removed from caroline into the giants it like the higher or doesn't matter i don't know i mean you know if schumer's shergar's gonna make a goals way know you know i haven't really thought much of any shula that was named on i get it is a little bit of a drop off with the next generation of shula's now little bit to stab at it's tough to live up to that while it's almost impossible gloomy hour you got that right i know you can be very excited about this world peace a football lose all get back to your calls have announced the participants in the hall of fame game are exgreat whose plane the glitter jets our planet hungtao the jetsgiants not playing boise ravens and the bears okay on august second said get excited your next real football game reeling quotations while i will say this though it's going to be a very exciting all season for our team starting with the that she i don't see what you were exciting as much as interesting but starting with free agency and of course the draft this is gonna be crazy this is good of me for new york football will the jets and the giants gonna be one ahead hell of a fascinating double team of offseason when you're when you're a year when mcdaniel starting the calls down now how.

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