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We love get a little job in town you. Hey you insignificant piece of shit. Why don't you just go get a dinky little part timer. And then of course if this relationship had actually gone on long enough he would eventually resent her for not making more money at her little part time job. Because that's how this goes right. I always worry for the girls on talk. You know you're of the community you're part of the community. See you know the community way. Like i first of all things on my. Add list. when i got up to just now One guys. I'm i'm gonna start buying hand sanitizer at botham bodyworks and none of you can tell me anything. Go fuck yourself. Okay if i have to be in a pandemic still gonna be smelling like warm vanilla sugar in. That's just is what it is. I'm not explaining myself to you if you don't get it. You need to get it. To jesse i cannot believe i'm talking you. I m a little starstruck. That was the second thing. I thought truly. I am a little starstruck. Because like you understand i you know i think we all turn to various coping mechanisms during this pandemic thankfully mine was not like hard drugs or like you know. I don't know intense cat fishing or like whatever it is i would do normally for you know not normally but do like an intense place was not doing that. I was watching talk. And like you like anyone who comes up on my f y p i feel like they are so famous to me when i'm talking to them like i really do feel like are more famous to me right now like Name name a celebrity. Like a paul rudd but someone around there. lake Ben affleck. no. I'm so i'm so. Sorry edit that out we know. That's jason that's a jason. They won't know why okay. So like soccer fron okay. Zach ephron if i saw zach ephron street i would not freak out rate your But if i saw Let me think of talk personality that that lady who calls everyone her tater tots. Oh my god. Y'all for our. I would fuck in shoe lover. Sixty-nine is that her name. It's something like that she's goal would lose my fucking mind and it's like it's like the reverse vander pump fact right because like the thing you would see someone. I'm bender pump rules like my friend. Leslie grossman put it brilliant land. She said it's like she saw jocks. And she's like i felt like i treated him like a muppet. Like i get a picture of me. I don't care like you don't say anything else that we're taking whatever goes to bed. Sit down i like exactly. That's how you feel 'cause you're like party favors right. You're like minute. Take a picture with the silly moustache a move on and posted social media but with ticked off people. It's it has a different. It has a A higher importance than a youtuber. I would say to me in terms of like how much of a talker can affect you. Because you're holding it so close to your face and you can only get it in that form physically affect you like with your phone dropping on your face. Yeah yeah and then you're f y p is just so personal so if i like with so when i talked to someone like you or like even miles who has show on our network make it cute. I fucking love miles. He was one of the first people that i fell in love with on talk. He makes beautiful drinks and food. And he's just like i don't know so educated and sweet and smart and thoughtful and a good person and i was really seeking out that comfort at the being a pandemic but then i wanted to start to get whatever was like filling that void where i don't watch bravo so much anymore and i wanted to start to get a little bit more tea or a little bit more pop culture jason but sort of reimagined and you were one of the people that i responded to you. There's so many people that like. Honestly i can't even pick one to hate on because there's so many of them so i don't even focus on most of the people that do pop culture but when someone does do pop culture and they catch my eye to very rare and i respect them so i was thinking. Oh my god. Like jesse's kind of like a celebrity to me. That so weird that like when i have to retake something that this person that i only see in like perfect videos like seeing me be vulnerable like. That's so interesting to me. So i am a little starstruck will you. And my mom are my biggest concern. No do you. Are you feeling it though like do you ever do you ever recognize. Oh my god this is really. I don't want to say it like this. Because that sounds so strange. But i have i have. It was funny. I was in a shoe store with my boyfriend. And of course boyfriend who is never gonna let me live it down and i were wearing masks right and i so whenever i got you know a little bit of attract attention A little bit of attention on talk. It was after. I dyed my hair red because i have brown hair but i started dyeing my hair red and so now. That's how people who didn't know me pres tick talk. Associate me you know with. That's what they associate me with me. So i ag- i saw meena shoe store and we talked and i followed him back so when he started talking to me piece it together i know you are and he was like i i was like this is so funny silly whatever and we were just you know limiting a little bit and then he said you i noticed your hair and that was the kicker for me that was so hilarious armel hair no one in my like actual i r. l. world knows or would like think about me as a redhead. You know i. This is like for me okay. I'm loving this. I'm living vicariously through. It's almost narcissistic. Because like i will tell you. There's nothing like coming up online because like you are just literally putting things out into the void and if the people find you it feels like a blessing and like every person that finds you is. It's so exciting. Because like oh my god how nice right at the same time. It's scary because some people are really mean to you and so like you only got high like an then when you start to get recognized in public. That's really exciting. Because you just were a person who's putting stuff out online and like maybe hoping for quote unquote the best. Which is that people would repeat. Acknowledge and appreciate you and seek out more but like when you get recognized you feel like oh my god. It's kind of like. I dunno working more than i thought it would. And it's it's very exciting. In the most exciting part i think will being online and like sometimes you can see like People who have like heavy stand twitter presences. They recognize someone but like sometimes when someone comes up to you the way that guy dead which by the way. There's probably a lot of people who recognize you. Don't say anything. Because like i still sit and wonder sometimes like when i've walked in two rooms and like everyone has been staring at me. I still wonder. I'm like do all of these people know in hate or like me from online or do i look pretty like ice but i'm like wow they're not mean like you wind up leg negotiating that thing but then what's when someone like that comes up to you. You're trying to place it because it's weird. It's like a new thing you're like what the flake. Oh shit. this is like real life now. John in this is so exciting because this is like someone not his like appreciated the thing. I've been doing.

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