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Annuities are not the same. So learn more about the good the bad and the ugly of annuities by joining Dave Epstein and Brad wind at their upcoming complementary events on February twentieth or February twenty first in San Diego at six thirty PM. Call eight five eight five six four hundred thirty six today to register or go online to Epstein in dot com. That's Epstein in white dot com. Hip pain, keeping you from enjoying travel, the outdoors or other activities you love each year? Thousands of lives are improved by sharp healthcare nationally recognized for excellence in joint replacement surgery attend a free upcoming hip seminar, where you'll need a board certified orthopedic surgeon, physical therapist and other experts from sharp Dale explain how the latest hip procedures can mean less time in the hospital and a quicker return to the life. He's been missing you'll also learn how caregivers guide patients and their families through every step of treatment to ensure the best possible results, and there will be time for questions to it's all part of the extraordinary level of care. Call the sharp experience. So if you're tired of living with pain attend a free seminar the week of February eighteenth register at one eight hundred eighty two Sharpe or sharp dot com slash hip. More of your favorite news team on the CW sandiego wake up with Eric Jenny on news. Eight morning extra. Get you up and out the door from seven AM tonight. AM catch up on the day's biggest headlines, we Edwards head Colo tick hetero at seven and up tonight with Marcellin Carlo attack. Newsday Pat, seven AM seven PM and ten pm every weekday on the CW San Diego and Sunday nights at ten with Alicia summers in Steve price after we've knocked on doors. Pursued the bad guys demanded transparency in our food supply chemicals into your body covered. Innovative ways to boost your.

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