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£156 today for their trilogy Fight the main event of UFC 2 64 tomorrow night in Vegas worry with the second Round T K and the most recent fight in January. Gregor won their first match up back in 2014, but the Irish would just one and two in the UFC over nearly five years. Stretch ESPN analyst and former UFC heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier. Used to live this crazy life where he was so out there it let him be so free in the act of God that he couldn't be beat. It was like everything The guy touched turned to gold. But then he got more reserved and more conservative, and then he started to struggle. Daniel Cormier, Keyshawn J. Will zoom and counter McGregor Dustin for a port three tomorrow night on ESPN, plus pay per view at 10 P.m. Eastern in baseball. Oakland starter Coal urban A perfect game broken up. In the sixth inning. A's have a 21 lead on the Rangers in the sixth Reds lead The Birds wanted nothing in the seventh behind Wade Miley Yankees have to lead on the Astros in the fifth inning. Houston All Star Carlos graft placed in the league's health. Safety protocol. The Mets pounding the Pirates 12th two in the seventh Francisco Livedoor Grand Slam is 10th home run of the season. Peter Alonso, three run, shot his 16th of beer in the ninth in Miami Braves flanking the Marlins four to nothing. Charlie more than seven scoreless. Freddie Freeman with his 18th home run Red Sox, hammering the Phillies 11 and three in the sixth at Fenway in the ninth in Baltimore White Sox pounding the Orioles 9 to 1. Yeah. We're back on Monday, counting down the days into the NFL training camps begin. I'll tell you who I have in my real rankings as the.

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