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San Francisco Oakland San Jose cumulus station strikes back Amazon one up there but set Attorney General William Barr criticized president trump's tweets about the justice department but he told ABC news that trump never asked him to do anything in the Roger stone case holy are influenced by anybody and I said it's not whether it's Congress newspaper editorial boards for the president I'm gonna do what I think is right the agency has been widely criticized for the justice department throwing out a recommended sentence for trump ally Roger stone who was convicted of seven felonies in a bid to obstruct the congressional investigation that threaten the president Amazon got an early win in their battle with president trump is a federal judge ordered Microsoft to hold work on its ten billion dollar deal with the defense department correspondent Brian fungus more Amazon is accusing the president essentially using his power to influence a contracting decision that should have been essentially done without viewer to who was what politically was may may have been going on between the president and Jeff bass as the fifteenth case of coronaviruses been confirmed in the US meanwhile Dr Sanjay Gupta reports the director of the centers for disease control and prevention said the fear about how the virus spreads is very real this idea that someone who's not sick someone who doesn't know they have the virus and not showing any symptoms could spread the virus that's been a big question mark I think for some time we weren't sure about that but he confirmed that the six year old South Carolina girl who went missing earlier this week face wet look when found dead case public safety director Byron cell growth we have found the body of the corner house has identified this way marines were we're now treating this case is a homicide the body of a man also was found recently in the neighborhood where the child disappeared Monday no evidence was provided though to link to death set.

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