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Great time. And i was was a part of something. Incredible for for brief mullahs. When you're in chicago growing up and you said you got in a second city. Doing sketch and improv. Is it almost like if you have the acting or comedy bug in you. Is that just a move like when you're fortunate to be around it and have family. That's that's in the theater world already like it. Was it just an obvious like all right. Cool like when i get to the appropriate age. Second city is going to be part of the journey. Well yeah but i mean i. I had been started on stage at the theater at about eight years old. And so i was butchering check. And and i was butchering all the greats from a very early age. And so by the time you know you leave college at twenty three and i went to nyu and studied theater and blow. You know you. I immediately wanted to get into. Because i was watching evan huge fan so the move is to other or second city. So yeah that is the dream. That's the ultimate dream or the demise was really to be the first jewish linebacker but they don't have any five eight jewish linebackers. Why now with data and see. We're everyone that gets closest talks himself out of as like there's no way i'm gonna make it but there's not i mean i think we have. Maybe i dunno. Count them on your hand jewish athletes. That have really made a splash. Every time someone. I do a joke about that with you. Know not being really powerful. Nba jews and people always come up man for the shows and go jordan or december. Somebody i've never heard of. And i'm mike jordan farmers fine but like i'm talking like somebody that really is like i can't get a lot of media attention because he can't play on chabad so he takes off a game for the finals. You know what i'm saying. Somebody that's really dedicate if you know if michael jordan was like dude it's you know it's it's a coat like i'm not i always said i'm not playing on coat and a lot of non-jews again are like what the fuck is that is. That sounds that sounds like. We got some heroes. We got sandy colfax eshelman Julian adamant disa- tire. Yes right they're out there. They're out there my friend but i'm talking i'm talking to nba. They'll find find a basketball when for me. Amari starter mile convert converted and then blew out his knee. So it's like that fucking didn't do us any favours. Let me tell you something. I got my second bar mitzvah in israel in front of marist ottomar pictures. I'm going to send you pictures of the whalen wall. He watched me do by an or i swear to i to god. This sounds like a make a wish a situation. How did you get to come to your second more mitzvah. Who know we had a group of We had a group of of athletes and actors and just an incredible group. George saint pierre and whatnot and and we all went to israel together and we were. We're get seat. It was like a witch. It was incredible. Take as adema here for the about last night. Podcast are you man. What's up dude. Are you going bald. Sorry to edit. Three men will experience some form of hair loss by the time. That thirty five shet thirty nine. Well what if my shit starts to go. That's just my fucking journey and more than fifty million men in the. Us suffer from male pattern baldness. I got buddies that have gone bald family.

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