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There's pool tables and other topless women just sort of dancing around and where have we seen that before Charles. I don't know maybe when i Jack Maybe you angry at me for wearing something of yours so again. This is the embryonic seeds of two ex exactly exactly it's a prototype yeah and these are even very dressed very similar with the oh the short black skirts and the black tights and just <hes> jewelry but no toubon and <hes> but yeah or it's kind of like in fire walk with me <hes> okay. I thought you were talking about when Jags but yeah you're right. It's yes the fire walk with me Bar Yeah Yeah. It's like our Iraq with my m. The great went <hes> my high school sandwich. Sh you feel like you have to take a shower after eight yourself for watching all of it I e clean one of the things they mentioned in the booklet. I don't WanNa get too far off the booklet but <hes> somebody mentioned in the booklet the the like I said the Dorothy balancing where she shows up to Jeffrey's house naked is not supposed to be arousing. It's supposed to be disturbing. Sabella Rossellini said that yeah and I think a lot of David a lot of nudity you see a David Lynch is not supposed to arouse. I think it's supposed to make you feel tencent uncomfortable because you're right when they all when when frank brings a Jeffrey into this far and he starts beating that one guy and there's women there they're still dancing other. Just look on like oh frank's here again it just sort of adds to the tension for Jeffrey that he has no idea what's going on. He's in over his head. He has no idea what to do or is and he really should not. This is not a place he should be and I think that's a lot of times. The the nudity that David Lynch presents to you is not to arouse you to make you feel uncomfortable comfortable and not in not in a way of like Laura Palmer's naked and you are worried about her like some some of that is a little bit of it and I think that's what it is with Laura that we don't want Laura to be a prostitute. We want her to be okay. We want want her to be happy and not to say that Laura Palmer isn't beautiful and that it could be housing but I don't think that's the point it's like you're supposed to feel protective of her and I in this situation. You're supposed to see these. I'm assuming they're hookers. Yes 'cause Wijil or just skanks a bit. I'm assuming yeah I'm assuming they're hookers because I would think that skeleton keep their POPs online unless but they're they're there for Jeffrey to look around and go. Oh my count Ivan over my head yeah well. That's one of the themes in in Lynch. It seems like he seems to have this really interesting fascination the nation with lost innocence or or the innocence being exposed to the seedy underbelly of things exactly or what is it that Brad Door says that innocence in the impossibility ability of it yes that there's really no such thing as we or it's it's impossible to be to stay innocent right because the world isn't it because it a town like Lumberton. No one's innocent you know there. There's even you even likely came up with that. Didn't you pretty well like sandy is fairly innocent but the more she grows up in the more she learns the more she realizes that even though she's innocent her surroundings aren't <unk> safety gets exposed to some dark dark stuff too obviously and CD has always sort of been exposed Dr stuff in a sanitized way with her father being a police detective but still yeah so but right so I think I think that's an interesting thing. Lynch does <music> with nudity and <hes> because even even when Jeffrey I sees Dorothy valluns getting undressed. He's like aroused but scared tired of that and he's really realizing like Oh shit. I'm in this woman's closet now. She's getting naked. What am I what do I do? You know this is gone way further than he expected it to. He's not there to see her naked. He's there to figure out what the Hell's going aw yeah. He's he's yeah he's. He's basically trying to solve a mystery this yeah or just he he's fascinated by mysteries as it turns out. That's kind of his thing. As we learn especially I think in this loss footage <hes> so one of the interesting things I thought it was really fun about this scene Raymond so when they walk into the Bar Raymond goes over to the bartender and he what is he asked for what ask for Charles a case of paps bloom long neck so <hes> so apparently yeah this is where they get the beer to bring over to Benz so this is the civil presumably. This is pretty close if not the same building. I don't know it's close by and just driving by this place you just don't see him no in it and so <hes> yeah and again I would like like to say that you know if you're a hipster and drink p._B._R.. And you've not seen this movie shame on you. It's right up the hipster alley right and the Franklin frank ends up shoving a guy named Willard onto the pool table ten some poor unsuspecting hooker has to get on their tells him he's GonNa get a love letter when he least expects it. We all know about Frank's love letters. Don't they're not good. You know what when you don't want one and a yeah and then <hes> then he takes Jeffrey to go meet a friend of his which of course we know is banned so pretty good pretty good opening scene for that and he just was one that I thought didn't necessarily need to be in the movie but it's interesting to watch. It's very interesting to. Wad Kinda makes me one on extended cut. Oh Yeah it'd be interesting to see it integrated into the movie but I think we're already tense enough for Jeffrey. Were already scared for him because I think this scene is helping build that attention and it's helping you show how psychotic frank really is but it's not as that because we've got Dennis Hopper Dennis Hopper is so amazing in this movie doing doing this role that you need five minutes of him to realize that if you were around him it's terrifying experience. You don't need you need to build this tension so I totally get why this one was cut all right next scene in the suburban home. A woman woman comes outside to tell a guy named Greg that billy's waiting for his teddy and then she was she. Apparently we find out yet. It's in the next door. Neighbors of moments Sunday see Tom Beaumont so we learned <hes> Jeffries father's first name Thom the fright so what we see is <hes> the little boy in his diaper walking around and of course we've seen in the movie that when Uh Jeffrey's father has his heart attack is watering the plants and the dog is jumping in and trying to lift water right and you know the little water hoses still streaming salon yeah and the you know the baby is intrigued by this too so it's the dog and the baby just looking at this stream of water over this guy who has just had a heart attack so like the really tragic moment but it's comical because of you know like you have a baby and the dog there reminiscent of the Godfather because of <hes> yeah the oranges or or just just <hes>. That's a great comparison I didn't I never even considered about it. You're absolutely right about that reminiscent of but not copying exactly yeah yeah. He didn't let no. You didn't lift it all now <hes> next scene the big dance party at College. I love the Big Dance Party at college because it's so like yeah so it's funny. It's it's kind of like the peanuts kids in Charlie Brown Christmas dancing exactly they're just not really dancing all that much as a little swaying back and forth and like Oh hey were extras in a movie and here we go. You're not sure what the music is necessarily going to be. Probably when you're filming it. I don't know how to answer this and it was funny too because I was looking at it and it looks like a high school dance to me it does at first. I thought it was high school. Then of course we find out because Geoffrey that's College College College right so as I mean I know that I was kind of antisocial social anxiety panic attack nerd in college but I don't remember like dances in like common buildings at college so <hes> i WanNa know where Jeffrey goes to college. We never get to find that out. No we never find that out. We know that he flies home jumper. Yes obviously somewhere far away from lumberton but <hes> so a guy goes looking for Jeffrey because mom's on the phone and this is where we first meet his girlfriend Louise Jeffries girlfriend Louise hasn't seen him the guy looked talks to her really quick and Louisa turns out. It's Kinda pissed because Jeffries not with her. He went to the bathroom like an hour ago. Yeah so turns out Jeffries in a boiler room somewhere nearby watch hiding in like the background under some stuff behind some stuff watching a guy trying the date rape a girl okay couple of things here yes. Why is there a mattress in the boiler room? What kind of Freddie Krueger colleges this? I think it's more like a frat thing that maybe you know hey the Frat guys this the rape room that could very well be what happens and it's and it's interesting because it sets a pattern for Jeffrey where he hides and he watches things that could arouse him or could make him uncomfortable and to Jeffrey's credits credits he does. He'll leave her alone but but it's jeffries credit he it takes a while well not only that he really does it when he's kind of forced to leave because the guys the guy outside that was looking for him it calls out for him. He hears him outside and so he's like he gets up and he's like I. I guess I should probably say something before I leave yeah always like hey you know don't you. Dan Hands offer exactly Nice Nice back to the future reference. Thank you so but so essentially this kind of like teases the notion that hey yeah jeffries a bit of a voyeur. That's his through yeah. He's a bit of a voyeur. He's a bit of <hes> he's the type that will go looking for something seedy. I think yes because did he follow those people in the boiler room or was he. They're already doing something. That's the part. We don't know <hes> <hes> that we don't know yeah. It's kind of hard to say. I say that maybe we almost want you. Want you want a deleted scene of this scene right right. You want even more like I want to <unk> an like. Would you like to know more. Yes yes. I would like to know more. Yes yes I would exactly dislike starship troopers reference yet but I again. This is one that I that I'm glad that got deleted for a couple of reasons first of all it gives you a different image of.

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