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I soon realized how does desire, this degree was when I landed my first internship with hardly any experience under my belt. Okay. So what was the actual like name of the, the degree that you graduated with? So it's business in management information systems. Okay. Got it. It's business. And then I like to say, how explain it is business in than it integrates IT with it as well. Right. What was your first internship that? You got. You said he didn't really have much experience before landing in does. So my first internship was with a company called Jack Henry associates, and I was doing project management. But the company at self was a software company. So I was not just doing your typical project management. I was also including a technical aspect to it. And Jack Henry associates actually does financial software in. I wasn't super familiar with the company just because when it comes to financial software. That's not a huge up. Incoming thing right now in the news. But the more I started working with the company, it's actually one of the top. It's like number one IT company right now on Forbes. I believe or a while. Yeah. I don't think I ever heard of more. So, so it's making financial software for other companies for banks and credit unions as well. Gotcha yet, Lehrer with that, internship, located. So it was actually located in Springfield, Missouri. Is that is that where you live currently I am from Raleigh, Missouri, even smaller than Springfield? I'm from a small town in that's actually where my schools at and the school is called Missouri university of science and technology. And we are part of the UM system. So if you're familiar with like Mizzou, we are the engineering school. We are the elite engineering school in Missouri. I have to admit that a lot of my Missouri knowledge from the show. Ozark TV. She say, well, I'm somewhat but no. But now I feel like like sorry, I'm like, sidetracking give the one son in the show to go to Mizzou. I was talking about Mizzou. That's actually get pretty upset in those are speakers of how it protrays Missouri or like, okay, it's not quite like that. But I guess where you go. Anything could be like that. No, I I totally get it. I had some on the show recently this was before we actually hit the record by talking about it because he was from Connecticut. Yeah. And he was mattanen, Connecticut that there's a TV show based on called, gosh. American housewife. Yes. In a gas. So he so they some people, the town don't love the portrayal. Ever sidetracking? So you okay, so you studied at right that in Missouri. This internship was located. So it wasn't remote. Basically, like you were traveling there every day to work. There actually was it's two hours from where I went to school in where I live, and so I was living there, all, I mean, I shouldn't say all by myself, it was a forty hour job, and I was living by myself, but that's just part of being an adult. So yet I moved there for the summer work forty hours every week and I caught a lot of great experience that I had not had prior, so. Yeah. And I believe you had a few other internships. Right after this one. Correct. So after that, one, I started noticing that it was a lot more desirable. I had some internships while I wasn't school in those were not as technical oriented, those were actually marketing internships, which I wanted to gravitate towards just different aspects of business. So I could be a well rounded person. So I had. A marketing internship, and then one of my bigger internships was with MasterCard. And that was in St Louis, Missouri. And that was a big step for me. I had always just thought. Oh like it's MasterCard. It's they're always, you know, on the news or something in a good light. So I was really excited to have that opportunity in I was doing project management technical project management there as well since it is still software oriented, right?.

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