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Thousand nineteen depot women's World Cup will be live on FOX F S one, streaming on the Fox Sports at Kendrick Perkins is played with a Celtics thunder and Cavaliers all in the finals. You've been in plenty of these finals before we were talking about injuries. I said to you during the break, what is the most injured and in pain, you have been in the NBA playoffs you had to play? What was it, it was? It was a time when I was in. Okay. See when we went to the finals. Yeah. Tool like I don't know of is called a growing bone. Because Georgia's made me feel some type of way she was like I didn't know about, but my ligament growing. Yeah, my grown was missing on my right side. So you had no ligament, on the right side of your groin note. And you played with it the whole time I was like taped up and night. I couldn't sleep, but they'll give me Toro side before the game. And I was fine. And I played all the way through it actually did it in the first round, and I just played all the way through, and you weren't paying. I was. Yeah, for sure. Lord. Well, Jason your brother. Jason Taylor told me a story once about his foot. Oh, yeah. He's he had an awful injury in when he was in Washington. Redskins the hills died from the contusion, his leg almost got a blood clot. It's you have to be very people don't understand the, the that's why both these teams frankly Toronto's not one hundred percent healthy either both these names falling apart and nobody's a hundred percent Hilton when you get down to the finals like everybody, nobody is a hundred percent. Some is hurting somebody like that's why I say, never come down to exit and those when is, when is this late in the season, it always come down the wheel Powell who wanted the most. Right. Like everybody, you know, everybody tendencies is about who wanted the most. Everybody's tied body's aching who wanted the most. Yeah. Toronto. Right now is playing great basketball they played with more urgency in game three. They okay. So I want to play game today perk. Okay. So I want you. I'm gonna give you five six free agents your the free agent. I I want want you. you to think about everything money contract brand city coaching. So let's start this free agency destination with perk. Let's start with one. You've got strong opinions on Kevin Durant perk. You are Kevin Durant. Where do you choose?.

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