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93 South is slow from Braintree over to 24. There's some stop and go at the start of 24 south, and that is really crawling from 45 down past route 44 in rain and three Southie usual stop and go coming off the expressway. Things were good out to the west with the mass Turnpike and the outer edge of 45. They are good. My king double TV's ease traffic on the 3 10. We're going to see some rain arrive tomorrow some of the precipitation from Hurricane Zeta, which is paying a visit to the Gulf Coast tonight. We'll get through pretty much precipitation free tonight. We have some showers leftover, but those are going to end and we'll have dried conditions this evening, with temperatures not far from 40 and some of the inland suburbs, 46 or so downtown. Clouds move in tomorrow. The rain with that moisture from the Gulf Coast and hurricanes data will come up here and arrive around midday. The rain will come down heavy at times later in the day, and in the evening tomorrow as temperatures will fall as well. 32 35 35 to 40 near the city and the coast that rain could mix in with some wet snow, especially north and west of the city tomorrow night. Then on Friday, it's windy. The rain changing over to some wet snow before it ends, even in areas closer to the shore and inland sections outside of for 95 may pick up a few inches of a slushy accumulation temperatures on Friday in the thirty's, too near 40 Saturday, the sun returns will have temperatures in the low to mid forties right now, 50 degrees in Boston. The daily tally of covert cases in Massachusetts is out Once again, the total number of new cases is over 1000 For the fifth day in a row. There are more than 1000 new cases of covert in the Commonwealth 1137..

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