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Decides not to go to the match because he doesn't wanna be as dismissive as the others were and what we don't see him with william it's implied that he gave up the seat to see if william was okay and i think that honestly saves the story from being too schmaltzy or too modeling and it's ending as the fact that clip doesn't mention his dad when he's talking the william which he very well could have i like how fleming is giving a small character beach through the conversations these characters are having and the occasional inner monologue without going through pages and pages of backstory so way to connect the cop to the other characters he's doing his best to keep this whole pieces more verite than a plot while it doesn't always work see the previous issue for instance it works here i won't say much else about colognes art because i'd be simply repeating what i said except to say that he draws heroic in a way that makes her look naturally pretty and yet smarten tough which in this age of comics is not always easy to pull off plus there's a running gag through these issues were guys pass in front of a poster for a lady cop porno movie and i thought i'd mentioned the reference but let's wrap up the series issue number for this one is called getting stephen and we opened with a priest walking into his office while our narrator says i'm the priests of the story have named him brian doyle but now you know that he's really me by that i mean of course the brian is an aspect of my personality part of my life of very large part shooing you might underworld revealing my heart of hearts but i'm doing it my own way rating is my religion i'm the priest of all my stories brian has loaded gun and he loses office another priest father clark enters the office notices the brian has gone he drops the newspaper that he's holding we see a headline this priests brother massacres family at the eighth precinct our usual cast of cops counters the press and clover sees father clark stephen the murder and brother of brian.

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